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Insights = require 'node-insights'
async = require 'async'
getJobStats = (options, app, callback) ->
insights = new Insights options
return callback new Error 'Missing app name' if not app
limit = 100 # maximum number of role supported
q = "SELECT average(duration), stddev(duration), percentile(duration, 90) FROM MsgfloJobCompleted FACET role SINCE #{options.since} ago WHERE outport != 'error' AND appName = '#{app}' LIMIT #{limit}"
insights.query q, (err, body) ->
return callback err if err
return callback new Error "newrelic: No facets was returned in query" if not body.facets?.length
results = {}
for facet in body.facets
out = results[] = {}
for res in facet.results
out['average'] = res['average']/1000 if res['average']?
out['stddev'] = res['standardDeviation']/1000 if res['standardDeviation']?
out['percentile'] = res['percentile']/1000 if res['percentile']?
return callback null, results
getJobStatsApps = (options, apps, callback) ->
getStats = (app, cb) ->
return getJobStats options, app, cb apps, getStats, (err, resultList) ->
return callback err if err
res = {}
for obj in resultList
for k, v of obj
res[k] = v
return callback null, res
parse = (args) ->
addApp = (app, list) ->
list.push app
return list
program = require 'commander'
.option('--query-key <hostname>', 'Query Key to access New Relic Insights API', String, '')
.option('--account-id <port>', 'Account ID used to access New Relic Insights API', String, '')
.option('--app <app>', 'App name in New Relic. Can be specified multiple times', addApp, [])
.option('--since <datetime>', 'Timeperiod to extract metrics for', String, '1 week')
normalize = (options) ->
options.accountId = process.env.NEW_RELIC_ACCOUNT_ID if not options.accountId
options.queryKey = process.env.NEW_RELIC_QUERY_KEY if not options.queryKey = [ ] if typeof == 'string'
return options
exports.main = main = () ->
options = parse process.argv
options = normalize options
getJobStatsApps options,, (err, results) ->
throw err if err
console.log JSON.stringify(results, null, 2)
main() if not module.parent