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Simplify PHP 5.2 installation.

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@@ -68,21 +68,19 @@ Check that MongoDB is running:
-## Step 6: Install [MySQL](
+## Step 6: Install [MySQL]( (if you're needing to use it)
brew install mysql
*Note the instructions for copying the .plist file if you want to have MySQL automatically start when you log in.*
## Step 7: Install [PHP]( (optionally, but recommended) and [spawn-fcgi](
- brew create
+Install PHP 5.2 from our own, modified recipe
-When an editor is opened up with the "formula", replace it with the contents of [[]].
+ brew install --with-mysql
-Next, Install PHP
- brew install php --with-mysql
+*Note that --with-mysql should only be used above if you've installed MySQL in Step 6!*
Then install spawn-fcgi:

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