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SiteMesh 3 Hello World Demo using Gradle

This is a very simple 'hello world' SiteMesh 3 web-application. It demonstrates applying a page decorator to the content of a website. It uses the Gradle build tool to download the SiteMesh jar and run the example using the Jetty WebServer.

It is essentially the Getting Started tutorial ready-to-run with Gradle.

If you do not have Gradle installed on your sytem, you must install Gradle before proceeding.

To run the SiteMesh demo in Jetty:

gradle jettyRun

All required .jar files will be loaded automatically. You should then see output similar to the following:

> Building > :jettyRun > Running at http://localhost:8080/

You can then load http://localhost:8080/hello.html in your browser and see SiteMesh 3 in action.

Note: There is a way to run Gradle builds without requiring a previous Gradle install. If there is interest, that feature could be added to the demo.