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MessagePack (de)serializer implementation for Erlang /[Erlang]

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UENISHI Kota kuenishi authored

MessagePack Erlang


prequisites for runtime

Erlang/OTP, >= R15B -- for older version, rebar won't work. Also based on the new msgpack spec 232a0d.

edit rebar.config to use in your application

{deps, [
  {msgpack, ".*",
    {git, "git://", "master"}}

Simple deserialization

Ham = msgpack:pack(Spam),
{ok, Spam} = msgpack:unpack(Ham).

Stream deserialization

{Term0, Rest0} = msgpack:unpack_stream(Binary),
{Term1, Rest1} = msgpack:unpack_stream(Rest0),

String type

Now this supports string type!

Opt = [{enable_str, true}]
{ok, "埼玉"} = msgpack:unpack(msgpack:pack("埼玉", Opt), Opt).
 => {ok,[22524,29577]}

There are several options for msgpack:pack/2 and msgpack:unpack/2 . See msgpack:options() in msgpack.hrl.

Map Style

Since Erlang/OTP 17.0

msgpack:pack(#{ <<"key">> => <<"value">> }, [{format, map}]).

Or use old jiffy/jsx style

msgpack:pack({[{<<"key">>, <<"value">>}]}, [{format, jiffy}]),
msgpack:pack([{<<"key">>, <<"value">>}], [{format, jsx}]).

Ext type

Now msgpack-erlang supports ext type. Now you can serialize everything with your original (de)serializer. That will enable us to handle erlang- native types like pid(), ref() contained in tuple(). See test/msgpack_ext_example_tests.erl for example code.

Packer = fun({ref, Ref}, Opt) when is_reference(Ref) -> {ok, {12, term_to_binary(Ref)}} end,
Unpacker = fun(12, Bin) -> {ok, {ref, binary_to_term(Bin)}} end,
Ref = make_ref(),
Opt = [{ext,{Packer,Unpacker}}],
{ok, {ref, Ref}} = msgpack:unpack(msgpack:pack({ref, Ref}, Opt), Opt).

This is still experimental feature, so I'm waiting for your feedback.

Compatibility mode

To use as same with old spec:

OldHam = msgpack:pack(Spam, [{enable_str,false}]),
{ok, Spam} = msgpack:unpack(OldHam, [{enable_str,false}]).

Since 0.2.3 now it's false by default.

Further tests

See msgpack-erlang-tests for further tests


Apache License 2.0

Release Notes


  • set back default style as jiffy
  • fix bugs around nil/null handling


  • supports map new in 17.0
  • jiffy-style maps will be deprecated in near future
  • set default style as map


0.2 series works with OTP 17.0, R16, R15, and with MessagePack's new and old format. But does not support map type introduced in OTP 17.0.

It also supports JSX-compatible mode.

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