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MessagePack serializer implementation for Scala /[Scala]
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To build the JAR file of Message Pack, you need to install Maven (, then type the following command:

$ mvn package

To locally install the project, type
$ mvn install

Next, open the preference page in Eclipse and add the CLASSPATH variable:

M2_REPO = $HOME/.m2/repository

where $HOME is your home directory. In Windows XP, $HOME is:
C:/Documents and Settings/(user name)/.m2/repository 

# How to release the project (compile, test, tagging, deploy)

$ mvn release:prepare
$ mvn release:perform

Default scala version is set to 2.9.0.
If you want to compile in scala version 2.9.1 or 2.9.0-1, replace pom.xml property or use sbt.

This project also support sbt 0.11.2.

In sbt console.
To build
$ package

Generate poms
$+ make-pom

make-pom generate maven pom files into target/{scala.version}.

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