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First-class string type in serialization specification #13

pgriess opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Packing all strings as raw byte arrays makes it very difficult to figure out how to unpack them correctly. In particular, it is impossible to know what encoding was used when encoding the string as a sequence of bytes. To address this, it would be nice to have a first-class MSGPACK_OBJECT_STRING type with a mandatory encoding (say, UTF-8).


any news on this?


Packing all strings as raw byte arrays makes it very easy to figure out how to unpack them correctly: as Buffers/byte[]s/....

Libraries could have

  • unpackRaw (doin' it rite)
  • unpackUnicode (attempting to autodetect encodings, starting with UTF-8)

instead of unpack


@andrewschaaf The issue is more along the lines of dealing with cross-system messages. For example one system may have a native in-memory representation of strings as UTF-16, another may user UTF-8 ... since UTF-8 is usually the most effecient, it would make sense to have a string type that is always UTF-8 encoded without a BOM.


For that matter, you could just put the UTF-8 encoded Byte Order Marker (BOM) at the beginning of your raw data, when reading out, you'll "know" that it's a UTF-8 string.


The discussion of this issue is just exploding in #121

(And I'll plug here, too.)


Well, it seems we are continuing the technical discussion in #128 today.

@kuenishi kuenishi closed this
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