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This is a code repository for website.

Modicifications on this repository are published to the website automatically.

Publishing website at <lang> (for committers)

MessagePack repository administrators can publish website on http://<lang> domain.

(If you didn't yet, please read this article as well: Updates on the MessagePack Project)

1. Creating clean "gh-pages" branch

# Use your project name here

# Clone the repository to ./msgpack-<lang>-website directory
git clone$NAME.git msgpack-$NAME-website
cd msgpack-$NAME-website

# Create gh-pages branch
git checkout --orphan gh-pages

# Remove all files from the old working tree
rm -rf .

2. Adding "CNAME" file to the branch

# Create "CNAME" file which has "<lang>" line
echo $ > CNAME
git add CNAME

# Push the branch to github
git commit -a -m "GitHub Pages for $"
git push -u origin gh-pages

3. Confirm the website

Wait several minutes until github finishes to generate the website. Then access to http://<lang>

You can use git clone -b gh-pages to clone the branch from other computers as following:

git clone$NAME.git msgpack-$NAME-website -b gh-pages

See and for an example.

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