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Ruby wrapper for Nutshell CRM's API
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Nutshell Crm is a Ruby wrapper for the Nutshell Crm API.

Nutshell API Reference


  • {NutshellCrm::Client}

Example Usage

require "nutshell-crm"

# Instantiate the Nutshell client.
nutshell = "", "MY_API_KEY"

# Get the first open lead with stub data (default).
nutshell.find_leads({status: 0}).first
#=> {"stub"=>true, "id"=>1001, "entityType"=>"Leads", "name"=>"Lead\u20131001", "status"=>0, "primaryAccountName"=>nil}

# Enable non-stub responses.
nutshell.stub_responses = false

# Get the first open lead with full data.
nutshell.find_leads({status: 0}).first
#=> {"id"=>1001, "entityType"=>"Leads", "name"=>"Lead\u20131001", "status"=>0, "primaryAccountName"=>nil, "creator"=>{}}


gem install nutshell-crm
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