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Because 10-value cards are much more common than others it is important
to avoid playing score values 10 less than the scoring values 15, 30,
and 31. For this reason, leading with a 5 or playing a 2 when the count
is 18 is undesirable. The AI will now consider this when multiple
non-scoring plays can be made and will avoid the above scenario.

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This is the bsd-games package for Linux, containing classic text mode games from UNIX folklore. wump, developed in 1973, trek from 1976 (called spirhunt in this version), and adventure from 1977, are the oldest.


Installation requirements:

./configure --prefix=/usr && make install

Unlike earlier bsd-games versions, this one does not install anything sgid. Scorefiles in /var/lib/bsdgames are owned and writable by the users group. For security, each game validates scores when loading. Saved game files are also validated and will not cause a crash.

If you find bugs, report them on the github project bugtracker.


This package contains the following games:

  • adventure: the original adventure by Crowther and Woods
  • atc: air traffic control simulator
  • battlestar: a tropical adventure
  • caesar: performs rotated-alphabet cryptography (like rot13)
  • cribbage: cribbage card game
  • dab: dots and boxes
  • drop4: tetromino packing game
  • gofish: go fish card game
  • gomoku: connect-5 version of tic-tac-toe
  • hangman: guess the word before it is too late
  • klondike: curses-based solitaire
  • robots: avoid the evil robots
  • sail: sail your ship into battle
  • snake: grab the cash, avoid the snake, and exit
  • spirhunt: hunt space pirates
  • worm: eat the numbers without running into anything
  • wump: hunt the wumpus


Many programs that were in the original 2.17 distribution were removed to focus on providing playable games, rather than a rusty junk pile. boggle, mille, and monop were infringing on Hasbro copyrights. hunt, dm, and phantasia were unplayable on single-user systems. arithmetic, quiz, wtf, rain, worms, bcd, ppt, morse, number, pig, pom, random, and wargames, were just plain junk and would likely be missed by no one. The following programs were removed because they are already maintained elsewhere as seprate projects.

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