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Quick, cool margin notes
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Vanilla Marginotes is a vanilla Javscript fork of Marginotes. Marginotes takes your jQuery selection, HTMLCollection, or Array of DOM elements and adds notes to the margin with the text provided in HTML attributes. You can see it working live at a fork of the creator's website


Marginotes works by adding a desc attribute to an HTML element, which will be displayed as a tooltip:

<a href="" desc="Original, right?">Bill Gates</a>


marginotes(document.querySelectorAll("selector"), options)

It works with links, as well as with <span> elements:

<span desc = "The rainiest place in Europe. Probably. Maybe.">Brión</span>



width: sets the tooltip's width. Default is 100px.

field: sets the html attribute to look for. Default is desc


Copyright (c) 2016 Francisco Dans

Licensed under the MIT license, see for more information.

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