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This script allows to setup web access to log dir and stream log files via http.

This script just usage example of clj-stream-sh but perhaps somebody may find it useful for some purposes.

Env requirements

  1. rvm
  2. ruby, java
  3. nginx (1.3.9+)

But you can do any part of configuration manualy.


$ git clone
$ cd web_log
$ bundle install
$ rake install log_dir=/var/log/nginx

Note: your user should have read permission in specified log dir (/var/logs/nginx in example). And you need to wait few seconds(= jvm startup time), after installation


If everything configured properly you should be able to see list of your log files

in console $ curl

or in browser http://host_name:8135/logs

And stream any of listed files in console $ curl

or in browser http://host_name:8135/logs/access.log


foreman is used to export to upstar that's why start/stop is simple:

$ sudo stop  web_log
$ sudo start web_log