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Find those nice - but ever elusive - unicode characters.


It splits everything into trigrams (foobar is split into foo, oob, oba and bar), which are put into a dictionary, all pointing back too foobar.

When searching for, ex. fobar, the word is split in the same manner and the parts are looked up in the search dictionary (where oba and bar will match). The results are then ranked by most matching trigrams.

The only major down-side to this (so far) is that large string will produce huge result-sets, which are quite expensive to set up in the DOM.

Add stuff

The build-script will fetch a unicode XML database and extract all the codes, their official names and aliases. Ditto for HTML char entities (not fully implemented yet, tho). Further aliases can be added manually by adding/editing files in the unicode/-directory.

Feel free to fork and add ASCII-fications and what not to these files.


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