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TinyDB is used by the following projects/sites/organizations (use the following key to determine development status):

Generic badge Commits within the last 3 months

Generic badge No commits within the last 3 months

Generic badge Declared as no longer under development by the maintainer (listed for interest)


  • DasPanel Generic badge


    DASPANEL is a proposal for a new model of development and hosting of websites. This is the first version of Daspanel. It is an exciting step forward towards making an hosting control panel using Docker.

  • Quokka Generic badge


    Quokka is a Content Management Framework written in Python.

    A lightweight framework to build CMS (Content Management System) as websites, portals, blogs, applications and anything related to publishing content to the web.

    Quokka is not limited to CMS area, it is also possible to create Quokka extensions to provide any kind of web application based on Python and Flask.

    Quokka can also (optionally) generate a static website from the contents generated in its admin interface.

  • Larigira Generic badge

    A radio automation based on MPD. Larigira will sit right to your mpd player and will keep your playlist never empty. It will also manage a db of "events", so that you can schedule shows, play jingles every X minutes, etc.

  • Cosmic Ray: mutation testing for Python Generic badge

    "Four human beings -- changed by space-born cosmic rays into something more than merely human." — The Fantastic Four

    Cosmic Ray is a mutation testing tool for Python 3.

  • IPToCC: Get ISO country code of IPv4/IPv6 address. Generic badge

    Address lookup is done locally.

    No external API call.

    No paid GeoIP service.

    Read The Free and Simple Way To Know Who Visits Your Site.

  • recipy Generic badge

    Imagine the situation: You’ve written some wonderful Python code which produces a beautiful graph as an output. You save that graph, naturally enough, as graph.png. You run the code a couple of times, each time making minor modifications. You come back to it the next week/month/year. Do you know how you created that graph? What input data? What version of your code? If you’re anything like me then the answer will often, frustratingly, be “no”. Of course, you then waste lots of time trying to work out how you created it, or even give up and never use it in that journal paper that will win you a Nobel Prize…




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