Desktop application wrapper for the Bot Framework WebChat control built using Electron.
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Desktop Chatbot

Hosting Bot Framework's web chat control inside an Electron app to enable chatbot distribution independent from operating system & web browser.

This project was built in cooperation with a real customer. Read the whole story on my blog.

How to build it

This app is built using Electron and TypeScript. To be able to edit and build it, you need to install:

You also need to have a Bot Framework chatbot registered at the portal with DirectLine channel enabled.


Copy your DirectLine secret from the portal and paste it to /app/botConfig.ts - value directLineSecret. Also change the rest of the configuration to suit your needs.

export const BotConfig = 
    header: {
        backgroundColor: "lightblue",
        textColor: "white",
        visible: false

    bot: {
        directLineSecret: "Mfy7FwAXCAAACSCSAAAd.cwA.8zI.AAAANNSKKSSDJa-rQxsBxZJSsaAO0r5mqYape4",
        userId: "user",
        userName: "User",
        botId: "bot",
        botName: "Bot"

    uploadButton: false,
    devMode: false

Then you can build and start the app:

  1. Download this repo or clone it with Git: git clone
  2. cd Desktop-Chatbot/src
  3. npm install
  4. tsc -p ../
  5. npm start


To build an installer, simply run /src/js/installer.js with Node.js:

cd Desktop-Chatbot/src/js
node installer.js

It takes a few seconds, so be patient.

You will find output in the /out folder.


Icon used by this project was made by Gregor Cresnar from