Two hands-on labs to demonstrate how to use Microsoft Cognitive Services Face API and Custom Vision with .NET Core.
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Image Recognition with .NET Core (Workshop)

Welcome to the world where machine image understanding is just a REST call away!

You will build a REST API for two retail scenarios:

  • Customer walks into a store and is recognized by their face. Shopping assistant immediately gets a notification that particular Mr./Mrs. X is here and there's a special offer just for them.

  • Customer walks out of the store. Instead of presenting them with physical buttons, we let them rate their experience by performing an internationally understandable gesture: Thumbs UP / Thumbs DOWN.

Even though there's a front-end part present in these exercises, we will focus mostly on backend and build an universally deployable API which can be used from a website or mobile app.

Technically, we'll use ASP.NET Core and Microsoft Cognitive Services, specifically Face API and Custom Vision API.