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What is Mail Toaster 6?

Mail Toaster 6 is a modern take on a mature design for fully virtualized, full featured email servers. In version 6 components are thinly provisioned in FreeBSD jails. This microservices architecture is shared by container formats like Docker and are building blocks for orchestration tools like kubernetes.

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Who is Mail Toaster for?

Mail Toaster was originally a build and management tools for email servers. Version 6 is less specific than v5 and is often used for provisioning other services. MT6 is typically used by service providers who need delegated email administration for their clients with owned email domains. MT6 permits each domain to manage its users, aliases, forwards, and lists.

Mail Toaster support is available on a best-effort basis. A Mail Toaster install service is available.

There are FAQ entries for why microservices and jails.

Begin by configuring the Host OS.

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