NicTool: a DNS management solution
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NicTool is a open source DNS management suite that takes the headaches out of managing DNS data. NicTool provides a easy to use web interface that allows users with little dns knowledge the ability to manage dns zones and records.


  • Web interface for users, admins, and clients
  • Validation of DNS data before acceptance
  • Permissions for users and groups
  • Delegatation of zones and zone records to users and/or groups
  • Logging of all DNS changes (who did what & when)
  • RDBMS data storage
  • API for automation and integration

Supported formats for exporting DNS data to servers

Supported formats for importing existing DNS data


  • NicTool Server - Exposes the DNS data via a SOAP web service.
  • NicTool API - The NicTool API is what connects to the NicTool Server. The format of requests is defined in the reference API at
  • NicTool Client - A CGI application thatt provides a web interface for managing DNS data. NicTool Client has customizable HTML templates and a CSS style sheet. It is slowly becoming a modern JS web app

Testimonials and NicTool Users