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2.35 2017.__.__
* update SPF URL to 7208
2.34 2017.03.13
* when selecting 'New Resource Record', update RR type form
* add support for CAA resource record type #158
2.33 2015.12.07
* client fix for moving users between groups (#103)
2.32 2015.07.26
* remove nt-script.js from frameset & login pages (@djzort)
2.31 2015.01.28
* update user forms for 30 char password length
2.30 2014.12.04
* users.cgi: max pass length 15 -> 30 chars
* set the HTTP header content-type to utf8 (Vegard Vesterheim)
2.29 2014.11.18
* zone.cgi: added location field in display_zone_records_new()
2.28 2014.10.08
* expose Location field when editing RRs
* expose RR timestamps in web UI (Issue #43)
2.24 2014.06.14
* updates for new nameserver settings
2.23 2014.05.26
* fix for user.cgi undefined variable (Ayden Beeson)
2.22 2014.02.07
* fix: when editing RRs with extra fields, input wasn't populated
* update usable_ns in user.cgi and group.cgi
- fix issue #24, reported by Hans Svensson
2.21 2013.05.26
* improved
2.20 2013.05.26
* fix for zone creation templates (broken in 2.19)
2.19 2013.04.18
* add RFC links next to RR type on new Record form
* added DMARC record to SPF template
* added NSEC3, NSEC3PARAM, IPSECKEY, DNAME record types
* added option lists to SSHFP new record form
* added placeholder text to most RR types, showing example syntax
* added <select>, making it easier to enter correct DNSSEC values
* added <select> menu with common TTL values
2.18 2013.04.05
* lengthen NS IP field to allow AAAA to fit
* group the DNSSEC record types together in record type menu
* only display partial DNSKEY & RRSIG records (they're very long), hover
over them or edit to see the entire record.
* updated jquery to 1.9.1
* added DNSSEC records (DNSKEY, DS, RRSIG, NSEC)
* added SSHFP records (SSH Fingerprint)
2.17 2013.01.
* fixed zone record display error caused by " in SPF records breaking HTML/JS
2.16 2012.12.11
* expanded length of address from 255 to 512 bytes (DKIM)
* remove current password requirement when admins update one
* admins don't need current password to modify user passwords
* closed an open <a> anchor in user.cgi
2.15 2012.10.31
* added support for NAPTR records
2.13 2012.01.19
* removed images from left navigation menu
* restored ability to recover a zone record
* added ability to edit nameserver option, 'Export Serials'
* editing zone properties wasn't submitting form correctly
* fixed javascript error when editing RRs
2.12 2012.01.04
* index.cgi honors valid cookies, so login sessions are preserved. Hooray!
* exclude reverse zones from domain label "first char is a letter" rule
* do not run onload for RR display when action=delete
* mailip is now remembered between form submissions
* aesthetic improvements
* replaced folder icons in navigation bar with object type icons
* readability/maintainability updates:
* rewrote many subs to exit early, removing many nested conditionals
* broke up many 100+ lines of code subs into smaller subs (PBP)
* nearly all HTML is outdented and enclosed in qq[ .. ] brackets
* replaced &method invocations with method (useless/inappropriate use)
* replaced postfix if with brackets (PBP)
* added syntax tests
* HUGE, HUGE, HUGE code cleanup: HTML 5, CSS, and JS validation
* to the extent possible, separated the perl from the HTML, making both
easier to read.
* replaced many layout tables with CSS styled <div>
* replaced hundreds of redundant print statements with qq[ ... ] blocks
* cleaned up JavaScript using JSLint
* moved display_perms_javascript sub to nt-script.js
* navigation menuitems are now CSS styled <ul> lists
* HTML 5 validation
* & -> &amp; in URLs
* deleted language declaration in <script> tags
* replaced $NicToolClient::*color* settings with CSS
* added missing alt tags to images
* replaced transparent gifs with CSS
2.11 2011.11.27
* added type 99 SPF record to SPF templates
* zone record types are fetched via NicTool API (not statically coded)
2.10 2011.11.18
* packaging changes.
* default export_interval is 120s (was $ttl)
* added SPF record type
2.08 2010.03
* display more than 20 groups in group tree
* Allow to choose between AAAA records with and without PTR records
* next arrows in group view browse groups only (not zones) * thanks JPS
* default for 'exact match' is off
* fixed regex bug introduced with v2.07, reported by Ralph Forsythe
2.07 2008.09
* made 'include sub-groups' Advanced Search default to config file setting
(previously defaulted to off)
* formatted all the source code using perltidy (ask Matt for .perltidyrc file)
* Allow adding a IPv6 AAAA address
2.06 2007.10 (mps)
* added password length restrictions when changing user settings
2.05 2007.02 (mps)
* added support for SRV records (funded by Bryan Sarpad)
* start of HTML cleanups
replaced 500+ font tags with a tiny bit of CSS
replacing other bits of HTML markup with CSS & JS
* new records in zones named like default to PTR record
* Zone record edit form is dynamic, it only shows fields when they are relevant. Example: the Weight field is only available when the MX or SRV record type is selected.
* Only relevant record types are available. Example: PTR records are only available in reverse zones.
* When creating a new record in a reverse zone, the default record type is PTR.
2.04 2007.01 (mps)
* added support for Yahoo Domain Keys (extremely long TXT records)
* new records in a zones named like default to PTR record
2.03 2005.04.19
* new template feature - create a set of zone records when adding new zones (mps)
* a batch add feature - create add a list of new zones using a template (mps)
* added htdocs/zones.cgi, htdocs/templates.cgi, and added template support to htdocs/group_zones.cgi (mps)
* added zone_record_template_list and zone_record_template subs to lib/ (mps)
* templates are currently static, meaning you must edit the source code to add or modify them. (mps)
* tracked down and fixed the conditions that caused "use strict" pragma to fail. (mps)
2.02 2004.10.01
* added link to license and source on most output templates (aas)
* updated version to 2.02 (mps)
* updated license and source links to open in new window, it's icky when they launch in a frame. (mps)
2.01 2004.09.29
* added Affero-GPL license info
* added TXT rr type in
* disabled use strict pragma in htdocs/*.cgi. This causes failures under perl 5.8 due to programming shortcuts used by previous authors. This needs to be fixed eventually.
2.00 2002.02.22
* updated to work with NicToolServer 2.00
* Permissions for Groups and Users
* Users can't access functions they don't have permission to do
* Edit/Create/Delete/Delegate
* Delegation of Zones and Zone Records
* Delegated Zones and Records have different icons
* Delegation information is viewable on the details page
* UI improvements
* the Search box in the Group List can be used to search for Zones instead of Groups (see nictoolclient.conf)
* the "Include subgroups" checkbox in searches can be set to checked by default (see nictoolclient.conf)
* new "exact match" checkbox for quick searches. Can be set to default checked or not. (see nictoolclient.conf)
* new icons :)
* Delegated Zones, records, and pseudo-delegated zones show up differently in the Zones list. Some permissions icons shown in the list for delegated Zones. Number of records delegated shown for pseudo-delegated Zones.
* You can automatically jump to the Zone view of a new Zone after creating it (see nictoolclient.conf)
1.00 2001.09.06
* initial release