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Revision history for NicToolServer
2.35 2020.__.__
* New Features
* import: tinydns type 'S' records #246
* Updates & Changes
* import/tinydns:
* handle ascii and binary in AAAA rdata #163
* append trailing . to SOA mname and rname if missing #166
* anchor record type detection for case lowering #165
* add imports for type 3 & 6 (IPv6 patch) #167
* disable SPF records by default (flip DB flag to enable)
* expand UTF support to cover all UTF8 characters (requires MySQL 5.5+)
* change table encoding from utf8 (3 bits) to utf8mb4 (4 bits)
* Exports: split long SPF records into 255 byte strings
* Export/Dyn: more robust handling of zone deletions, that could
result in a new zone with the same name getting unpublished.
2.34 2017.03.13
* New Features
* Add support for CAA resource record type #158
* add URI & HINFO (obsolete) to record types #146
* when updating TTL of record in RRset, update all TTLs #157
* Updates & Changes
* expand AAAA addresses before duplicate checks #160
* replace CGI->param() with CGI->multi_param() #159
* replace deprecated CGI->startform with start_form
* when importing tinydns, apply tinydns defaults #153
* update nsd Makefile for NSD 4 compat #147
* update Knot exports for v2 #150
* Export/BIND: add missing SOA values with defaults #151
* enable strictures in tests #150
* enable deeper travis CI testing #139
* when logging changes, assure type_id is set #139
* update MIME::Base32 syntax to match upstream
* drop index on nt_zone_record.address, InnoDB key length limit
* replace Net::DNS::Zone::Parser with Net::DNS::ZoneFile #124
* log the zone minimum and serial #138
* moved is_admin column into 2.17 schema #128
* export/bind/nsupdate: add check for NOTAUTH failure #125
* clean up nt_export path resolution #149
* on import, do not lc TXT or A records #135
* import: strip octal length prefix off generic tinydns TXT recs #137
* update SRV record export to add missing zone #126
2.33 2015.12.07
* update NSD exports for version 4 #112
* add HTTPS support to nt_import #102
* prevent CNAME collisions #113
2.32 2015.07.26
* clean up old successful exports
* add a . to the end of NAPTR records (@djzort) #89
* server/contrib/
* removed unneeded variable
* used Getopt::Long for long command-line options
* added support for more command-line options
* added support for AAAA records
* Export/BIND/nsupdate: FQDN checks for more types #83, #84, #85
* LDAP authentication added (@larso & @vtsingaras) #82
* Added https support for NicTool Client #81
* replace localhost with (for hosts with IPv6 priority) #80
* suppress debug output when not interactive (no tty)
* logger uses nt_export for process name
* goodbye query_log
* remove the rest of 'nameservers' from ::Import::BIND::Conf_Parser
* Import::BIND: use $rr->nsdname, not $rr->address
* Auto-locate nsid if is being run on a registered nameserver
* added --conf and searching for config file (Gerard Hickey)
2.31 2015.01.28
* require TTL on identical label+type to be identical (#7)
* fetch name collisions once, saving trips to DB during validation
* prevent duplicate RRs (#8)
* NS records where the name != zone were skipped during import
* permit zones to be created w/o NS
* exports: remove trailing / in export dir path
* remove mysql and apache from server/install_deps
2.30 2014.12.04
* passwords: new/edit users use PBKDF2 passwords
* expand nt_user.password from 128 -> 255 chars
* Import: when searching for zones, lc the zone name
2.29 2014.11.18
* Export: add count type description after zone count
* Export/BIND/nsupdate
* remove redundant call to qualify in nsupdate script (@abeeson)
* Import/tinydns
* combined A/PTR record (=) wasn't importing PTR correctly
* fixed SRV record import bug
* removed ip6 PTR zone hint
* import location & timestamp fields (when defined)
* sql
* added location column to nt_zone_record_log
* api
* get_group_zones now returns last_modified
2.28 2014.10.08
* NicTool API: added get_usable_nameservers method
* Import/tinydns
* import SRV records (from Generic type)
* when importing, provide a 64-bit zone hint
* define MX=0 if not defined (tinydns default)
* Import/Base: when searching for parent zone, recurse all the way
* Zone/Record
* permit any ascii printable chars in name
* permit underscore (_) chars in host names
* Exports/Dyn: export success is defined per-domain (vs per-NS)
* Export/BIND/nsupdate:
* add DDNS key (abeeson)
* added timeout detection (abeeson)
* Export/tinydns: pass remote login to export (ShaunR)
* improve SQL updates from v2.10 (ShaunR)
* BIND exports, fully qualify name if name = zone
2.27 2014.07.08
* fix post-export "restart" target for BIND export
* added incremental support to Knot exports
* User::*, refactored, consolidated duplicated methods into
* changed password format from SHA-1 to PBKDF2
* sql: added nt_user.pass_salt
* NicToolServer::Session refactored, reduced duplication, fix for PR#47
* added NicToolServer::get_option
* moved session_timeout & default_group from .conf -> nt_options.sql
* deleted NicToolServer::valid_reverse_lookup
* test updates
* API fixes for NS operations
2.26 2014.06.26
* fix an import from BIND bug where apex records were not imported
* add --help opt to nt_import (thanks ShaunR)
2.25 2014.06.19
* Zone::Sanity, added missing 'type' (Issue #39)
* MaraDNS: when exporting, ignore NAPTR records
* nt_import: add more debugging
* add .dist extension to lib/nictool[client|server].conf (PR #38 ShaunR)
* remove nictool version information from the public eye. (PR #37 ShaunR)
* in export status, make labels more clear
* Export::Knot: improved docs and integration
* Export::BIND: use make -C instead of chdir
* validate mailaddr in zone SOA
* powerdns: default export class for BIND backend
* NSD: Makefile update for nsd-control (NSD 4)
* added Export::zones_exported function
* better acknowledge NicTool authors contributions
* sql: s/export_format/export_type_id/ in sample ns
2.24 2014.06.14
* added Exports::DynECT for Managed DNS service
* added Exports::BIND::nsupdate (thanks abeeson!)
* SQL: added nt_nameserver_export_type
* SQL: added nt_nameserver.address6 (IPv6 address)
* SQL: added nt_nameserver.remote_login
* BIND exports, don't delete zone file if zone deleted and re-added
* more reliable imports of zones
* more reliable sql/
* more user-friendly sql/
* API: return nt_zone_id in edit_zone results
2.23 2014.05.26
* SQL changes for enhanced compatibility with MySQL InnoDB
* on newer FreeBSD, install apps & perl modules using 'pkg install'
* Add DNSSEC DS records for reverse zones (Steve Bauer)
* updated DNSSEC algorithms from IANA
* fix issue #25, valid_16bit_int cannot be empty
* BIND exports: after successful copy, update DB indicating so
* force export if get_last_export(success=>1) fails (see 44a9da0bca)
* Exports::is_ip_port now throws warnings for missing/invalid values
2.22 2014.02.07
* fix import/export of NAPTR records
* encrypt root password during install
* define default values in schema to avoid errors from MySQL >= 5.6
* check if zone file exists before delete attempt
2.21 2013.08.14
* additional installer updates, for smoother installs
* don't strip is_admin from $user object
* improved Ubuntu / apt support -Thomas Miedema
2.20 2013.05.26
* allow _ char in some types of zone names
2.19 2013.04.18
* new feature: BIND import (all but DNSSEC records working)
* new option: BIND incremental exports (anonymous sponsor)
* allow NS name to have _ char (Oliver Koch)
* BIND zone file cleanup after deletion in NicTool (anon sponsor)
* added support for NSEC3, NSEC3PARAM, IPSECKEY, DNAME, SSHFP record types
* fixed NSEC bitmap ceiling, was sorted by ASCII instead of num value
* fully qualify SOA mailaddr in BIND exports
* add matching TXT record when SPF record created (RFC 4408)
2.18 2013.04.05
* BIND & tinydns exports: added records DNSKEY, NSEC, RRSIG, & DS
* SQL: added record types: NAPTR, SSHFP, RRSIG, NSEC
* corrected zone count in export log entries
* added BIND postflight export options (compile,remote,restart), enabling
easier integration with PowerDNS and NSD
* be a better behaved daemon when encountering tinydns export errors
* while sleeping, print status messages in the log every 100 seconds
* BIND exports:
if mailaddr blank, insert a default
split TXT records > 255 chars
use datadir for exports (was export dir)
* enforce RFC 2181: MX cannot point to CNAME
2.16 2012.12.11
* expanded length of record address from 255 to 512 bytes, to accommodate
longer DKIM keys
* removed all the usable_nsX nonsense, replaced with a comma packed field
- this further improves upon the SQL fixes to support > 10 nameservers
* remove current password requirement when admins update one
* fix for hashed passwords with and non-all-lower username
* remove Apache2::SOAP dependency
* added BIND zone templates (Paul Hamby)
* admins don't need current password to modify user passwords
* SQL: restored nt_user.is_admin column (it's used now)
* SQL: added missing DB version update to v2.15 updater
2.15 2012.10.16
* new server/bin/, imports from tinydns data files
* updates for BIND exports (see git commits)
* fix for finding zone records with Type specified
* more support for NAPTR records
* fixed copy/paste errors in SQL
* powerdns export fix for get_soa SQL query
* optimized tinydns exports for speed
* allow zone names with only one label (TLDs)
2.14 2012.03.30
* added quotes to BIND SPF record
* export a named.conf.local file (for inclusion in named.conf)
* updated and included PowerDNS backend (server/bin/
* added MaraDNS support - Matthias Bethke
* fixed an undefined variable warning when exporting
* don't complain about BIND not being successful if not 'copied'
* enabled LOC records for new installs
2.13 2012.01.19
* removed sys/djb c++ export app (broken)
* allow domain labels to begin with a number (RFC 1123),1014.0.html
* expand valid TTL range from 300-2592000 to 0-2147483647 (RFC 2181)
* editing zone properties or NS didn't increment zone serial #
* other bug fixes.
2.12 2012.01.04
* added syntax testing for modules
* exports were including records from deleted zones (reported by R. Ross)
added the nt_zone.deleted=0 condition to the zone record export query
* rewrote many SQL queries so they look like SQL
* more and better export status messages
* boosted export performance substantially
* improved the sql/ detection
* for the autogenerated export/run file, added more docs and added
setuidgid to manual invocation as well (consistency)
* added api/contrib/, a very good example
* added 2 more modules to
2.11 2011.11.27
* will catch signals and exit gracefully
* automatically clean up the many "success, 0 changed zones" entries in
* added valid wildcard record tests
* added wildcard and SRV exceptions to valid_label
* fixed some SQL errors where logging failed due to missing data
* added zone record tests for AAAA, SRV, SPF, and TXT records
* added sanity tests for SRV records
* automatic expansion of IPv6 addresses (allows condensed entry)
* added valid_reverse_label, to validate domain labels in reverse zones
* consolidated character verification logic into get_invalid_chars
* moved tests out of new_or_edit_basic_verify into _valid_(MX,NS,A,etc)
subs, making it easier for programmers to follow the flow of code
* require all domain labels to end with a letter or digit
* require (nearly) all domain labels to start with a letter
* Added get_record_type to the API (see NicToolClient changes for why)
* SQL: replaced nt_zone_record.type with nt_zone_record.type_id, which
references While this does make some queries
slightly more complex, it greatly simplifies adding new RR types.
* SQL: foreign key constraints are defined but not enabled by default.
The test suite passes with them enabled. You must be using the InnoDB
engine for FKC to work. InnoDB is the default engine in MySQL 5.5+
* renamed SQL import files. With foreign key constraints, order matters.
2.10 2011.11.21 - mps
* added NicToolServer::Zone::valid_label (RFC validation of domain name)
* added NicToolServer::valid_ttl, and removed 6 duplicated instances
* deleted unused NicToolServer::valid_hostname
* consolidated duplicated definitions of _error into NicToolServer::error
* added RFC 2181 domain name length restrictions
* added IPv6 address expansion (from djbdnsRecordBuilder)
* SQL: moved nt_nameserver_export_procstatus.status to
nt_nameserver.export_status and dropped nt_nameserver_export_procstatus
* SPF record support (in addition to TXT SPF records)
* beefed up bin/
* SQL: added sql/ It logs into a NicTool database, determines
which updates are required, and runs them.
* SQL: added resource_record_types table. IDs are the IETF record type
number and the name is the IETF record type. Using a related table moves
the data out of the database schema (ENUM(blah,blah)) and into rows,
where it belongs. It also means adding new record types won't require
altering db tables.
* if was not provided a nsid, shows a list of active NSs
before asking for a selection.
* added NicToolServer::Export::BIND. Tested with BIND 9.6
* SQL: renamed nt_nameserver.export_format='djb' -> 'tinydns'
* SQL: added nt_zone_record.timestamp field. See the timestamp description
on the tinydns-data page. Allows start/stop times for records.
* added location support to database and tinydns exports. See,1004.0.html
* added RFC 2181 tests. CNAME records cannot coexist with any other record
type (except DNSSEC). NS and MX must not point to a CNAME.
* SQL: added record types to database: DS, DNSKEY, KEY (not used yet)
* added addserver and zone2nic in api/contrib (from Adrian)
* do not replace : chars in record addresses. No longer necessary because
export routines handle encoding of : during export.
* subclassed the tinydns portions of NTS::Export into NTS::Export::tinydns
* added support for exporting nsid=0 (all nameservers). Exports every
zone, regardless of NS preference. Useful for virtual nameservers and
the tinydns multiip patch.
* ripped out all the https support from NicTool (server, client, API)
Approximately 0% of installs use this feature. Anyone inclined to use
it would likely use stunnel or ssh -L instead.
* ripped out SSL certificate management (great idea, but unused)
* SQL: Fixed the data model for zone nameservers. Replaced the abhorrent
nt_zone.ns0..ns9 columns with the table nt_zone_nameservers.
* there's no limit on how many nameservers a zone can publish to
* queries are much simpler
* deleted unpack_nameservers (no longer necessary)
* added set_zone_nameservers
* now we can run a simple, inexpensive query to determine if any
zones that publish to a given NS have modification dates greater
than the last successful export. Yah.
* I broke the old nt_export_djb.c program. Boo. Any c++ programmers want
to help? Read the TODO file in sys/djb and send a patch.
* SQL: renamed nt_zone.output_format to export_format
* SQL: converted deleted database fields from enum to tinyint(1)
(enums are evil. Their contents are strings. Having to quote numeric
values in every query has ALWAYS irritated me about NicTool. ENUM is
MySQL proprietary, and they often don't behave as expected).
* SQL: added nt_nameserver.export_serials
(controls export of serial nums for tinydns export).
* removed the quotes from many integers. Someone wasn't thinking...
* ripped out nt_nameserver.service_type
* removed all summary code (unused)
2.09 2011.10
* added nt_options database table (and db_version value). Expect the
contents of nictoolserver.conf and nictoolclient.conf to be here.
2.08 2010.03
* added support for encrypted passwords in nt_user table
NOTICE: this version requires updating the database:
$ mysql -u nictool -p nictool < sql/upgrade/update_v2_08.sql
* Added file existence test before comparing for differences in
* Updated the IPv6 implementation to choose between AAAA records with and
without auto created PTR records. Lines prefixed with a 6 will have
both an AAAA and a PTR record created. Those prefixed with a 3 will only
have an AAAA record created.
* Fixed a bug in Zone/Record/Sanity that allowed : character to be allowed
when it shouldn't have been. This was causing tests to fail.
* Restrictions on passwords were imposed but the test weren't updated. Fixed.
2.07 2008.09
* Updated the export routine to djbdns so it supports IPv6 adresses
* Add the option to add IPv6 AAAA addresses checked by Net::IP
* fixed a bug that prevented Advanced Search feature from working
* removed 28 lines of redundant code (thanks, maxv)
2.06 2007.10
* fixed a bug in ($UID)
* sort the zone records as signed integers (so reverse zone records are
sorted correctly) - thanks Patrick Woo at telus
* sort the zones as signed integers if group name has "reverse" in it
* added additional user and password validity checks
- max pass length of 15 chars
- max user length of 50 chars
- increased min password length to 6 chars
- password cannot be same as username
- password cannot contain the username
* removed a bunch of code duplication in User/ by abstracting
the user and password tests into their own subroutines
* Changed the hard coded paging limit from 100 to 255 and noted the
limit in the API docs per this notice:,800.0.html
* fixes:
- export always reported failure if rsync was not being used.
- disabled some superfluous db logging that is not used.
- nicer formatting of the "export status" message
2.05 2007.02
NOTICE: this version requires updating your SQL tables! Something like this should work:
mysql -u nictool -p nictool < sql/upgrade/update_v2_05.sql
* abstracted NicToolServer::Zone::Record::Sanity::new_or_edit_basic_verify
into a suite of functions instead of one really big long nasty hard to read and poorly documented one
* nt_export_djb updates to support SRV records
* db_mysql.h
o ZONE_QUERY_FORMAT shortened from 716 to 509 characters
o added ZR_OTHER
* nameserver/, rewrote, prompts for all required values with
reasonable defaults. Setting up a nameserver export process is now much easier.
* NicToolServer::Zone::get_zone_records: patch from slink, see forum thread
* - provides better error messages if your ns export isn't set up right
* bin/ - tries to install perl modules NicTool requires
2.04 2007.01
- added "use Apache2::SOAP to nictoolserver.conf (mps)
- djbdns/nameserver/ updates (rl)
2.03 2005.04
- NicToolServer/Zone/Record/ - allow / character in TXT records (for SPF)
- NicToolServer/Zone/Record/ - replace any : characters in TXT records with \072 since : is a field delimiter in tinydns data files.
2.02 2004.10
- NicToolServer/ - added mod_perl 2 check and use content_type instead of send_http_header if mod_perl 2.
2.01 2004.09
- Added Copyright and Affero GPL license text to all source files
- Added files LICENSE & COPYING
- Updated files to reflect version 2.01
- sys/djb - make clean now cleans up nameserver/sample/nt_export_djb*
- consistent password among the variety of config files, now you can grep for it and change it everywhere at once.
- Added support for TXT records, now you can set up SPF records for email
2.00 2002.02
-Protocol version is now specified via the "nt_protocol_version" parameter. This is an optional parameter. If specified NicToolServer will require that the version string is allowed
-Protocol version changed to 1.0. Only this version is supported in NicToolServer version 2.00.
Entirely new permissions system.
The affected API functions are:
new_user, edit_user,get_user, new_group,edit_group,get_group
Nearly all actual function calls are affected, because certain actions may
not be allowed depending on a user's permissions.
Zones and Zone Records can be delegated to sub groups with a certain set
of permissions. (Affected API functions : delegate_zones,delegate_zone_records,edit_zone_delegation,edit_zone_record_delegation,delete_zone_delegation,delete_zone_record_delegation, get_delegated_zones,get_delegated_zone_records,get_zone_delegates,get_zone_record_delegates).
-Usable Nameservers
Each Group now contains a list of Nameserver objects which are in effect delegated to the Group. Zones within the Group (and subgroups of the Group) can be published to any of these Nameservers.
-API changes:
get_user - 'nt_user_id' now only parameter
save_user - DEPRECATED (see new_user and edit_user)
new_user - creates new user (params 'nt_group_id','username','email' required)
can have all permissions specifications or
"inherit_group_permissions"==1 for inherited.
edit_user - modifies existing user (params nt_user_id required)
save_group - DEPRECATED (see new_group edit_group)
new_group - creates new group (params 'nt_group_id' 'name' required. can have 'usable_nameservers' list of nameserver ids.)
edit_group- param nt_group_id required (can have usable_nameservers)
delete_group - only 'nt_group_id' parameter reqd.
save_zone - DEPRECATED (see new_zone edit_zone)
new_zone - 'nt_group_id' and 'zone' required (optional 'nameservers' list of nameservers to publish to)
edit_zone - nt_zone_id required (optional 'nameservers' list of nameserver ids)
- parameter "deleted" = 0 means undelete a deleted zone
get_zone_application_log REMOVED (it was never implemented but was enabled)
save_zone_record - DEPRECATED (use new_zone_record and edit_zone_record)
new_zone_record - 'nt_zone_id','name','ttl','address' are required
edit_zone_record - only 'nt_zone_record_id' is required
save_nameserver - DEPRECATED (use new_nameserver and edit_nameserver)
new_nameserver - 'nt_nameserver_id','address','name','service_type','export_format' are required
edit_nameserver - only 'nt_zone_record_id' is required
get_group_zones - parameter "search_deleted" = '1' means only look for
deleted zones with the specified properties
-API additions
error responses may contain 'error_desc' in addition to 'error_code' and 'error_msg', with a short description of the error.
get_group_permissions - req: nt_group_id
get_user_permissions - req: nt_user_id
delegate_zones - nt_group_id, nt_zone_id
delegate_zone_records - nt_group_id, nt_zone_record_id
edit_zone_delegation - nt_group_id, nt_zone_id
edit_zone_record_delegation - nt_group_id, nt_zone_record_id
delete_zone_delegation - nt_group_id, nt_zone_id
delete_zone_record_delegation - nt_group_id, nt_zone_record_id
get_delegated_zones - nt_group_id
get_delegated_zone_records - nt_group_id
get_zone_delegates - nt_zone_id
get_zone_record_delegates - nt_zone_record_id
-Error Codes
These are now the error codes:
200 OK
300 Sanity Error
301 Required Parameters Missing
302 Some parameters were invalid
403 Invalid Username and/or Password
404 Access Permission Denied
500 Request for unknown action
501 Data transport Content-Type not supported
502 XML-RPC Parse Error
503 Method has been Deprecated
505 SQL Error
507 Internal Consistency Error
508 Internal Error
510 Incorrect Protocol Version
600 Failed to Complete Request
601 Object Not Found
700 Unknown Error
-Sanity checks for search/sort/paging parameters
-Sanity checks when creating Zones and Records to allow RFC 2317 style reverse lookup domains
-Database Changes
added 3 tables: nt_delegate, nt_delegate_log, and nt_perm
changed: nt_user_global_log. added the fields: target,target_id,target_name. changed the field action to add more enum values ('delegated','recovered','modified delegation',and 'removed delegation')
-Many, many bug fixes.
-Creating or editing NS Records with 'name' set to the 'zone' of the enclosing zone will be disallowed (these records will be created automatically at export time). -gws
1.06x ???
-err, somebody forgot to list the changes -gws
0.01 2001.01.26
- original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
-X -n NicToolServer