Export to PowerDNS

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  1. PowerDNS Bind zone files backend

    If you choose PowerDNS as the export type, then NicTool will export as BIND-type zone files which the PowerDNS BIND backend uses. Add a section like the following to pdns.conf and you're off and running.

  2. PowerDNS NicTool backend

    Included in the NicTool Server distribution is the file bin/nt_powerdns.pl. That script is a PowerDNS coprocess backend. Edit the database connection parameters in it, configure PowerDNS to use it as a backend, and PowerDNS serves the DNS data directly from the NicTool database.

  3. PowerDNS tinydns backend

    Configure NicTool to export to tinydns. PowerDNS can serve directly from the resulting data.cdb file.


Admin Adventures with NicTool and PowerDNS

Arthur Gouros: http://arthurguru.users.sourceforge.net/blog/pdns.html

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