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@@ -6,6 +6,18 @@ NicTool is written in perl. The client can be run on any platform that has perl
+### What DNS servers does NicTool work with?
+NicTool can export to DNS servers running tinydns, BIND, PowerDNS, MaraDNS, and NSD.
+### How does NicTool simplify DNS?
+NicTool provides templates for adding a domain, or group of domains, that all share a common set of records. The NicTool API allows users and admins to perform mass DNS updates without granting extraordinary privileges. All changes made via the API are logged and visible via NicToolClient.
### When does the nameserver re-read the config file?
**Tinydns** serves directly from the compiled data.cdb file. The instant that file is compiled (by tinydns-data), it is moved into place and tinydns is serving from it.
@@ -23,4 +35,3 @@ NicTool is written in perl. The client can be run on any platform that has perl
Yes, but it is not the most secure way of doing so. It requires the BIND nameserver to have database access to the NicTool database on the NicTool Server. If the two systems are on different networks, use stunnel to encrypt the traffic between them.
Then install the NicToolServer package on the BIND nameserver. You don't need Apache or MySQL server on the BIND nameserver, but you will need the mysql client libraries. The configure server/lib/nictoolserver.conf with the correct DSN settings so it can connect to the NicTool Server via MySQL. Configure a BIND export per the normal instructions, making sure that the export directory you specified in the NicTool configuration for that name server is writable by the NicTool export user.
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