Install NicToolServer

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NOTE: more specific instructions are available for FreeBSD 10.1, FreeBSD 10.0, CentOS 6 and CentOS 7.

Download the latest release

A free download from the TNPI store. Log in for access to the latest releases. NicTool Client and Server are in the NicTool-2.NN.tar.gz bundle.

Expand the sources:

tar -xzf NicToolServer-2.??.tar.gz

Install dependencies

NicTool requires that Apache and mod_perl be installed.

cd NicToolServer-2.??

The script will attempt to install the required perl modules via yum (CentOS/RedHat/Fedora), packages (FreeBSD), ports (FreeBSD), and finally CPAN (everything else).

Install the NicTool Server:

perl Makefile.PL
make install clean

Move the distribution to DocumentRoot:

mkdir -p /usr/local/nictool
mv ../NicToolServer-X.XX /usr/local/nictool/server

Configure Apache

This will vary from system to system, and dependent on your OS. A typical configuration for use with Apache 2 listening on localhost is presented. If NicTool Client is running on a separate server, change the vhost to listen on an external IP address. Make these additions to httpd.conf:

<IfDefine !MODPERL2> 
   PerlFreshRestart On
PerlTaintCheck Off

Listen 8082

PerlRequire /usr/local/nictool/server/lib/nictoolserver.conf

<VirtualHost *:8082>
    KeepAlive Off
    <Location />
        SetHandler perl-script
        PerlResponseHandler NicToolServer
    <Location /soap>
        SetHandler perl-script
        PerlResponseHandler Apache::SOAP
        PerlSetVar dispatch_to "/usr/local/nictool/server, NicToolServer::SOAP"

There is a bug in the current version of SOAP::Lite. You may need this patch for Bug #81471.

Create MySQL database and permissions.

cd /usr/local/nictool/server/sql

Configure nictoolserver.conf

cd /usr/local/nictool/server/
cp lib/nictoolserver.conf.dist lib/nictoolserver.conf
vi /usr/local/nictool/server/lib/nictoolserver.conf

Restart Apache

service httpd restart || service apache24 restart

Optionally Test Installation

Begin by creating a "" subgroup in nictool, with a user in it. Then edit t/test.cfg to match the user/pass you chose.

cd /usr/local/nictool/server
vi t/test.cfg
perl Makefile.PL
make test **

** Before testing on existing installs, back up your database!

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