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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use Test::More qw(no_plan);
use File::Path;
use strict;
use lib 't';
my @mes;
BEGIN { # need this to happen before anything else
my $cwd = `pwd`;
@mes = qw{ ./config.sample/me ./t/config/me };
foreach my $f ( @mes ) {
open my $me_config, '>', $f;
print $me_config "";
close $me_config;
ok(my ($smtpd, $conn) = Test::Qpsmtpd->new_conn(), "get new connection");
is($smtpd->config('me'), '', 'config("me")');
# test for ignoring leading/trailing whitespace (relayclients has a
# line with both)
my $relayclients = join ",", sort $smtpd->config('relayclients');
is($relayclients, ',192.168.', 'config("relayclients") are trimmed');
foreach my $f ( @mes ) {
unlink $f if -f $f;
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