Stile: the Systematics Tests In Lensing pipeline
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Stile Build Status

Stile: the Systematics Tests In LEnsing pipeline

Installation instructions

Stile is a pure python package, no compilation needed. You can install it using:

pip install stile


To run Stile, you must have:

  • Python 2.7
  • NumPy

We also recommend:

  • TreeCorr, Mike Jarvis's 2-point correlation function code. All of our correlation function tests involve calls to this package.
  • PyFITS/Astropy to handle FITS tables and images. Stile can run on ASCII tables, but is much slower.
  • matplotlib to generate plots.

Note that these dependencies will be automatically installed by pip. More dependencies may be added in the future.


The documentation is available online at You can also build it using Sphinx in the doc/ directory.

Current functionality

Right now, Stile can:

  • Generate an average shear signal around a set of points (if you've installed corr2), given two catalogs that you specify in a particular way, and plot the results (if you have matplotlib).
  • Perform a number of basic statistics measurements and print the results.
  • Make whisker plots.
  • Make scatter plots with trendlines.
  • Generate histograms.
  • Perform any of the above tests for data with different binning schemes applied, using a simple method of specifying the bins.
  • Interface with sufficiently recent versions of the HSC pipeline.


Over the upcoming months, we plan to add:

  • A more flexible way of specifying your data set than hard-coding the file names in your script.
  • Automatic drivers to run as many tests as your data set allows.
  • A larger suite of example code.
  • Tests on images, and the utilities to make those tests easier.