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Binding for JFHotkeyManager
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Xamarin binding for the JFHotkeyManager

JFHotkeyManager is a small Cocoa convenience wrapper around Carbon's mechanism for implementing global hotkeys. It allows you to add hotkeys to your app with a couple of lines of code.


Hotkeys can be bound either by individually specifying keycode/modifiers, or symbolically using a string. The latter is more convenient but probably less reliable across international keyboards.

// Initialise a new hotkey manager
var hotkeyManager = new JFHotkeyManager();
// Bind a hotkey by key code reference number and modifiers:
hotkeyManager.BindKeyRef(49, (uint)(EModifierKeys.CmdKey | EModifierKeys.ShiftKey), this, new ObjCRuntime.Selector("onHotkeyExecuted"));
// Bind a hotkey symbolically
hotkeyManager.Bind("command shift up", this, new ObjCRuntime.Selector("onHotkeyExecuted"));

void OnHotkeyExecuted()
  // do something
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