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Update busy state during method execution
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This is an add-in for Fody

Introduction to Fody

This add-in adds an attribute which will update a boolean state during method execution. It's set to true while the method executes and resets to false once the method returns.

Some background info and details can be found on my blog

To build the project locally execute following command in the repo:

nuget install -ExcludeVersion ILRepack -OutputDirectory tools

Configuration options

Name Default value Description
CountNestedStateChanges false If enabled the passed property/field isn't just set to true/false but a 'counter' is used. If the propery can change in submethods as well this makes sure it will only be set to true/false over all nested methods instead of changing multiple times.

Your code

public void TestProperty()

public async Task<int> TestAsync3(int input)
    await Task.Delay(100);
    return input;

What gets compiled

[AddState ("IsLoading")]
public void TestProperty ()
	this.IsLoading = true;
	try {
		Console.WriteLine ("TestProperty");
	} finally {
		this.IsLoading = false;

// Note - for async methods the weaving happens in the created nested method
[AddState ("IsTesting"), AsyncStateMachine (typeof(Async.<TestAsync3>d__12))]
public Task<int> TestAsync3 (int input)
	Async.<TestAsync3>d__12 <TestAsync3>d__;
	<TestAsync3>d__.<>4__this = this;
	<TestAsync3>d__.input = input;
	<TestAsync3>d__.<>t__builder = AsyncTaskMethodBuilder<int>.Create ();
	<TestAsync3>d__.<>1__state = -1;
	AsyncTaskMethodBuilder<int> <>t__builder = <TestAsync3>d__.<>t__builder;
	<>t__builder.Start<Async.<TestAsync3>d__12> (ref <TestAsync3>d__);
	return <TestAsync3>d__.<>t__builder.Task;

void IAsyncStateMachine.MoveNext ()
  if (this.<>1__state == 0) {
	  this.<>4__this.IsTesting = true;
	try {
		int num = this.<>1__state;
		int result;
		try {
			TaskAwaiter awaiter;
			if (num != 0) {
				awaiter = Task.Delay (100).GetAwaiter ();
				if (!awaiter.IsCompleted) {
					this.<>1__state = 0;
					this.<>u__1 = awaiter;
					this.<>t__builder.AwaitUnsafeOnCompleted<TaskAwaiter, Async.<TestAsync3>d__12> (ref awaiter, ref this);
			} else {
				awaiter = this.<>u__1;
				this.<>u__1 = default(TaskAwaiter);
				this.<>1__state = -1;
			awaiter.GetResult ();
			Console.WriteLine ("TestAsync3");
			result = this.input;
		} catch (Exception exception) {
			this.<>1__state = -2;
			this.<>t__builder.SetException (exception);
		this.<>1__state = -2;
		this.<>t__builder.SetResult (result);
	} finally {
		if (this.<>1__state == -2) {
			this.<>4__this.IsTesting = false;
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