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languagesystem DFLT dflt;
languagesystem latn dflt;
feature aalt {
sub period from [period period.alt];
sub question from [question question.alt];
sub quotesingle from [quotesingle quotesingle.alt];
sub comma from [comma comma.alt];
sub hyphen from [hyphen hyphen.alt];
} aalt;
feature ss01 { featureNames { name "Alternate period"; };
sub period by period.alt; } ss01;
feature ss02 { featureNames { name "Alternate question mark"; };
sub question by question.alt; } ss02;
feature ss03 { featureNames { name "Alternate apostrophe"; };
sub quotesingle by quotesingle.alt; } ss03;
feature ss04 { featureNames { name "Alternate comma"; };
sub comma by comma.alt; } ss04;
feature ss05 { featureNames { name "Alternate hyphen"; };
sub hyphen by hyphen.alt; } ss05;
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