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GNU Image Manipulation Program
2.8 Stable Branch
This is the stable branch of GIMP. No new features are being added
here, just bug-fixes.
Changes in GIMP 2.8.0
- Add our own GimpOperationBrightnessContrast because GEGL one is different
- Fix some GFig rendering issues
Source and build system:
- Depend on Babl 0.1.10, GEGL 0.2.0 and some other new library versions
- Bug fixes
- Translation updates
Changes in GIMP 2.7.5
- Minor application menu fixes on the Mac
- Make the toolbox arbitrarily resizable again
- Add axis labels to the dynamics curves to make them more obvious
- Fix dockable showing to do the right thing in both MWM and SWM
- Fix some glitches in the tool preset UI, like proper sensitivity
- Restore autoshrink functionality in the rectangle tools
- Allow smudge to work with dynamic brushes
- Make sure tool presets and tool options are consistent after loading
- Add automatic tags for the folders a file lives in
- Make the default Quick Mask color configurable
- Fix Color Balance so the "range" setting actually makes a difference
- Proper toplevel item sorting in the help browser
- Use libraries instead of launching programs in file-compressor
- Use the Ghostscript library instead of launching ghostscript
- Allow to switch off antialiasing when importing from PDF
- Embed the page setup in the main print dialog
- Port Gfig to cairo
- Add PDB API to modify a lot of paint and ink options
- Add a new set of default brushes and tool presets from Ramon Miranda
Developer documentation:
- Update everything including app/ so all functions appear again
Source and build system:
- Remove the unmaintained makefile.msc build system
- Explicitly link plug-ins to -lm when needed
- Also create .xz tarballs
- Lots of bug fixes
- Tons and tons of translation updates
Changes in GIMP 2.7.4
- Add a close button to image tabs in single-window mode
- Improve the transform tools' undo strings to be more descriptive
- Render the layer's "eye" icon in inconsistent state if the layer is
visible, but one of its parents isn't
- Add proper stacking for canvas items, so things don't hide each other
- Make sure single-window-mode and multi-window-mode are always saved
consistently in sessionrc
- Fix "render_image_tile_fault: assertion `tile[4] != NULL' failed"
warnings that occurred for some image sizes
- Fix attachment of the floating selection when the gegl projection
is enabled
- Replace heal algorithm with a new one by Jean-Yves Couleaud that
works much better
- Make resource sub-folders show up in UI as tags, allowing users
to easily locate resource collections they may have installed
- Fix graphics tablet canvas interaction by moving from
gdk_pointer_grab() to gtk_grab_add() for most grabs
- Stop using motion hints, they are a concept from the dark ages
- Add a basic paint dynamics PDB interface
- Make writing color space information to BMP files optional
- PSD loader now reads and imports working paths
- Lots and lots of undeprecations
Developer documentation:
- Add devel-docs/gegl-porting-plan.txt
Source and build system:
- Make git-version.h generation work in shallow git clones
- Modernize use of autotools a bit, maintainer-mode and pdbgen
are now enabled by default
- Make gimptool install scripts in the correct system-wide directory
- Fix lots and lots of stuff found by static code analysis
Changes in GIMP 2.7.3
- Use GimpSpinScales instead of scale entries in all dockable widgets
- Allow the spin scale to control a range larger than its scale's range
- Implement RTL mode in GimpSpinScale
- Add lots of tooltips to tool options
- Allow to drop more things to the empty image window, and simply
create new images from them
- Cage tool: allow to add handle to the cage when clicking on an edge
- Cage tool: allow to remove selected handles from the cage by hitting delete
- Remember column widths in multi-column dock windows
- Support starting GIMP in single-window mode
- When the brush is shared among paint tools, also share all
brush-modifying paint options
- Use ALT+number and ALT+Tab shortcuts to navigate between images
in both single- and multi-window mode
- Make 'Export to' always activatable and fall back to 'Export...' if
no export target has been set yet
- In single-window mode, add new dockable dialogs to the image window
instead of in a new window
- When switching on single-window mode, put docks in the image window
depending on what side of the window they originally had
- When switching off single-window mode, distribute dock windows
- Add a canvas item for the transform grid, fixing a major speed
regression, and add the same guides options as in the rectangle tools
- Don't unmaximize the single-window mode image window when closing
- Resurrect the "You can drop dockable dialogs here" help string
below the toolbox
- Make pick-and-move with the Move Tool work for layers in a layer
- Add GimpMotionBuffer which abstracts away stroke smoothing behind
a simple API and takes it out of GimpDisplayShell
- Add a GimpIdTable utility class
- Add a GimpDockContainer interface
- Add a GimpSessionManaged interface
- Add GimpCanvasRectangleGuides which makes the rectangle tool's
guides draw properly
- Make libgimp depend on GdkPixbuf
- Add API to create layers from cairo surfaces
- Make it impossible to include individual files from any GIMP
library. This was always forbidden and designed so it most
probably breaks, but now it reliably breaks using #error
- Deprecate the "set_sensitive" logic and use g_object_bind_property()
- Use poppler's cairo API to load PDFs, the pixbuf API is removed
- Port screenshot from GdkPixbuf to cairo
- Fix the annoying parser build warnings in imagemap
- Add a check-for-deprecated-procedures-in-script-fu make target
- Update libpng code to not use deprecated API (file-mng and file-png)
- Add an Item class to pygimp
- Correct/update some labels and defaults in the JPEG plug-in's save dialog UI
- Fix "Bug 596410 - gimp-image-get-filename returns NULL for imported files"
Developer documentation:
- Many updates
Source and build system:
- Make cairo a global dependency, starting at libgimpcolor
- Require poppler >= 0.12.4
- Remove gimp-remote for good, it has been disabled for years
- Some more undeprecations now that we use GTK+ 2.24
- Fix lots of warnings that are new in -Wall in GCC 4.6
- Lots of bug fixes and cleanup
- Lots of translation updates
Changes in GIMP 2.7.2
- A lot of undeprecations due to GTK+ 2.22 and 2.24
- Lots and lots of cairo porting, calls to gdk_draw_* are gone
- Merge the cage transform tool from GSoC
- Remove the old bitmap cursors completely and always use RGBA cursors
also for compat cursors for old X servers
- Add new GimpCanvasItem infrastructure with subclasses for everything
that needs to be drawn on the canvas and port all tools to canvas items,
this is a huge change that touches all tools and almost all display
code, and which finally gets rid of XOR drawing altogether
- Switch from purely idle-rendering the display to something that ensures
a minimum framerate, so we don't fail to update under heavy load
- Make the text tool handle RTL mode better
- Change GimpColorMapEditor to use the newly added proxy GimpPalette
- Replace the brush scale control in tool options by a brush size
one that works in pixels, and does the right thing when the brush
- Add new widget GimpSpinScale which is a scale with number entry,
and use it in all tool options
- Make the brush, pattern etc. selectors in tool options more
compact and allow to directly jump to the editor dialogs
- Make handle sizes in tools consistent
- Add an on-canvas progress and use it for tool progress instead of
the statusbar
- Add a new GimpToolPalette class with lots of code that was
in GimpToolBox
- Allow to properly drop into and after a layer group
- Refactor and clean up the dynamics editor widget, and add colors
for the curves
- Add support for F2 to rename items in lists
- Clean up GimpDeviceStatus internally and visually
- Allow to set GimpToolPreset's icon using the new GimpIconPicker widget
- Make the text tool's style overlay show default values from the
text object if there is no style active at the cursor position/selection
- Show the the text size's unit in the text style overlay
- Make tool dialogs transient to the image window again
- Consistently add a "gimp-" prefix to all window roles
- Make the preset buttons in tool options work on the global tool
presets instead of the removed per-tool preset lists
- Add GimpControllerMouse, which allows to bind extra mouse buttons to
arbitrary actions
- Add uniform API to turn any GimpItem's outline into a selection
- Add support for color tags in text layers
- Remove the selection_control() stuff from GimpImage and with it
maybe last piece of UI code still not properly separated
- Add more validation code for XCF loading
- Add accessors to GimpPalette and use them globally
- Keep a proxy GimpPalette around for the image's colormap
- Don't scale SVGs when pasting or importing them
- A lot of changes to the input device handling code, partly
merged from the gtk3-port branch, add GimpDeviceManager class
- Add smoothing of paint strokes
- Fix display filters to work on a cairo surface
- Fix and enhance GimpImage's URI/filename handling API
- Unset "removed" flag on items when they get added back to
the image from the undo stack
- Change item creation to properly use GObject properties and
remove item_configure() and drawable_configure()
- Refactor tool event handling and move lots of stuff into
utility functions
- Clean up GimpViewRenderer API
- Implement transforms on group layers
- Clean up the transform tool a lot, and refactor away old junk
- Tool and tool event cleanup: enforce tool activate/halt invariants,
consistently shutdown all tools in control(HALT), and many other
tool fixes
- Remove GimpToolPresets object, this functionality got merged into
the new GimpToolPreset system
- Rename GimpFilteredContainer to GimpTaggedContainer and add a new
GimpFilteredContainer parent class which is a generic filter
- Remove the concept of an "offset" from TileManager and instead
pass around the offsets explicitly when needed, like when
- Move GimpBezier desc from vectors/ to core/ and add API to create
one from sorted BoundSegs
- Change GimpBrush boundary API to return a GimpBezierDesc
- Add GimpBrushCache object and use it to cache a brush's transformed
pixels and its outline, remove the caching code from GimpBrushCore
- Add GimpBezierDesc based API to GimpScanConvert and use it
- Add operations and gegl infrastructure for the cage tool
- Disable View -> Use GEGL as we will not have time to finish the
GEGL projection code for GIMP 2.8
- Introduce an "item" type in the PDB and libgimp and deprecate
lots of old API in favor of item API
- Add procedures to create, traverse and manipulate layer trees
- Add more state to the context API, and deprecate functions with
too many parameters in favor of simpler ones that use context states,
particularly the entire transform and selection API
- Move GimpUnitStore and GimpUnitComboBox to libgimpwidgets, and
use them in GimpSizeEntry, deprecate GimpUnitMenu.
- Deprecate gimp_min_colors() and gimp_install_cmap()
- Add API that enables GimpRuler to track motion events by itself
- Add new selection API and deprecate all old selection functions
- Move around and rename all parasite functions, deprecate the old ones
- Add a generated PDB file in the "gimp" namespace and get rid
of "gimpmisc"
- Add unit conversion functions to libgimpbase
- Add function to reset a plug-in's context to default values
- Make script-fu server IPv6 aware
- Follow libgimp deprecations in plug-ins and scripts
- Add PDF export plugin
- Lots of cairo porting here too
- UTF-8 fixes in script-fu
- Set the progress to 1.0 when done
- Merge a lot of upstream fixes into script-fu's Tinyscheme
- Add "New Layer" option to MapObject
- Support loading of 16-bit raw PPM files
- Add web-page, a new plug-in which renders images of web pages
- Fix some more plug-ins to not warn if applied on an empty region
- Remove "Untitled" from palette names entries
Developer documentation:
- Move libgimp documentation from templates to inline comments
- Generate standard deprecated sections
Source and build system:
- Add more code documentation
- Add more unit tests and refactor existing ones to use global
test utility functions
- Add a manifest to executables (app and plug-ins, Win32)
- Depend on GLib 2.28, GTK+ 2.24, Cairo 1.10
- Make WebKit available to all plug-ins, not just the help browser
- Run UI tests on Xvfb if available
- Check for GdkPixbuf separately because it's now a separate library
- Allow tests to use uninstalled plug-ins from the build dir
- Remove, comment out, or build for GIMP_UNSTABLE some stuff that
should not be in a stable release
- Improve safety on Win32 by calling SetDllDirectory() and
- Switch from GtkObject::destroy() to GObject::dispose() all over
the place
- Various changes that make maintaining the gtk3-port branch easier,
such as s/GtkAnchorType/GimpHandleAnchor/ and s/GtkObject/GtkAdjustment/
- Don't use gtk_container_add() for adding to GtkBoxes
- Inherit from GtkBox directly, not from GtkHBox/GtkVBox
- Add namespace to the ink blob types and functions
- Remove all useless calls to gtk_range_set_update_policy()
- Use GObject::constructed() instead of GObject::constructor() all
over the place
- Move more members to private and add accessors for them
- Stop using GdkNativeWindow, use guint32 instead
- Plug memory leaks
- Remove ps-menurc, we are not a PS clone
- Use the new g_[s]list_free_full() instead of foreach() and free()
- Don't use newly deprecated GTK+ API
- Use the new GDK_KEY_foo key names
- Lots of bug fixes and cleanup
- Lots of translation updates
Changes in GIMP 2.7.1
- Add "lock content" button to the layers, channels and paths dialogs,
make the lock buttons more compact
- Refuse to edit locked items
- Add support for layer groups
- Improve internals and GUI of the save/export functionality
- Move the shortcut dialog's "clear" button into the entry
- Clean up UI code by introducing GimpDockWindow and GimpImageWindow
- Support multi-column dock windows
- Get rid of docking bars, use highlights in existing widget hierarchy instead
- Remove toolbox-window-hint gimprc setting and use dock-window-hint
for both toolbox and docks instead
- Move GimpDock::default-height style property to GimpDockWindow
- Polish save+export path-part precedence rules
- Merge the GSoC 2009 Advanced GUI for Brush Dynamics project
- Default to non-fixed-aspect in Canvas Size dialog
- Add a still incomplete and Single-window mode
- Have an Export button, not Save, in export dialogs
- Improve Free Select Tool handle highlighting
- Support changing user interface language from preferences
- Update ps-menurc with PS CS4 keyboard shortcuts
- Reduce spacing around canvas and use it for the canvas itself
- Put name of active dockables in dock window titles
- Don't have Toolbox in list of Recently Closed Docks, handle that
directly in the Windows menu
- Support selecting and tagging multiple objects in resource lists
- Improve on-canvas text editing and text attribute setting
- Add GimpContainerTreeStore and use it in all GtkTreeStore based views
- Add a new default "automatic" tab style that makes sure dockable tabs
always show as much detail as possible
- Remove the dockable title bar and add the menu arrow button next to the
notebook tabs
- Add an icon for the desaturate tool
- Add 'Rule of fifths' crop guide overlay
- Make Alt+Click on layers not affect active layer
- Make all GimpItems lockable so their contents can't be changed
- Make more sense when naming imported layers
- Make group layers work except for layer masks and save them in
the XCF
- Change GimpProjectable::update to GimpProjectable:invalidate
- Make sure we don't mix font backends (and crash) by explicitly
asking for FT/Fontconfig backends
- Move members of GimpObject to a private struct
- gimp_object_get_name() takes a gconstpointer now, remove casts
from all callers
- Let drawables connect to their floating selection's "update" signal
instead of letting the image do this job
- Fix brush rotation artifacts at even 90 degree rotation
- Don't leak shared tile memory on Solaris
- Add a PDB procedure to access a text layer's markup
- Remove legacy cruft from pdbgen and make sure number ranges are correct
- Move all image creation functions to a common file
- Add translation context to all undo descriptions
- Make sure all nodes are added to their resp. graphs
- Use GEGL for layer scaling if use-gegl is TRUE
- Updated script-fu's scheme to latest upstream fixes
- Don't store image-specific print settings globally
- Add fundamental OpenRaster (.ora) import and export support
- Add RGB565 support to the csource plug-in
- Add texture/grunge brushes made by Johannes Engelhardt
Developer documentation:
- Explain GimpContext
- Add SVG graphic with GIMP application core module dependencies
- Add a schedule for 2.8 development
Source and build system:
- Add more code documentation
- Clean up subsystem linking dependencies in app/
- Add unit testing framework in app/tests/ and some basic tests,
including basic UI tests and XCF tests
- Tentatively introduce usage of using Glade + GtkBuilder
- Depend on GLib 2.24.0 and GTK+ 2.20.0
- Add git commit hash in --verbose --version output
- Don't version control gtk-doc.m4, get it from gtkdocize
- Add GimpObject tracking code
- Plug memory leaks
- Lots of bug fixes and cleanup
- Lots of translation updates
Changes in GIMP 2.7.0
- Change the Text Tool to perform text editing on-canvas (GSoC 2008)
and add the ability to mix different text styles in the same layer
- Add support for tagging GIMP resources such as brushes and allow
filtering based on these tags (GSoC 2008)
- Separate the activities of saving an image and exporting it, there is
now a 'File->Export...' for example
- Port file plug-ins to new export API which gets rid of many
annoying export dialogs
- Add a simple parser to size entry widgets, images can be scaled
to e.g. "50%" or "2 * 37px + 10in"
- Arrange layer modes into more logical and useful groups
- Added support for rotation of brushes
- Make the Pointer dockable show information about selection position
and size
- Get rid of the Tools dockable and move toolbox configuration to
- Allow closing the toolbox without closing the whole application
- Add status bar feedback for keyboard changes to brush parameters
- Add diagonal guides to the Crop Tool
- New docks are created at the pointer position
- Add support for printing crop marks for images
- Move 'Text along path' from tool options to text context menu
- Change default shortcuts for "Shrink Wrap" and "Fit in Window" to
Ctrl+J and Ctrl+Shift+J respectively since the previous shortcuts
are now used for the save+export feature
- Make Alt+Click on layers in Layers dockable create a selection from
the layer
- Allow to specify written language in the Text Tool
- Support custom mapping curves for input device properties like "Pressure"
- New desktop launcher icon
- Add 'Windows→Hide docks' menu item that does what 'Tab' does and also displays
its state. Make the state persistent across sessions, too.
- Make dock window title separators translatable
- Map the 'Linear Dodge' layer mode in PSD files to the 'Addition'
layer mode in GIMP
- Add JPEG2000 load plug-in
- Add X11 mouse cursor plug-in
- Add support for loading 16bit (RGB565) raw data
- Add palette exporter for CSS, PHP, Python, txt and Java, accessed
through palette context menu
- Add plug-in API for getting image URI, for manipulating size of
text layers, for getting and setting text layer hint, and for
unified export dialog appearance
- Add an 'As Animation' toggle to the GIF export options
- Add 'active_vectors' getsetter to Python 'gimp.Image'
- Add large variants of round brushes and remove duplicate and
useless brushes
- Add "FG to BG (Hardedge)" gradient
- Port the projection code, the code that composes a single image
from a stack of layers, to GEGL
- Port layer modes to GEGL
- Port the floating selection code to GEGL
- Refactor the layer stack code to prepare for layer groups later
- Prepare better and more intuitive handling of the floating
- Add File->Debug->Show Image Graph that show the GEGL graph of an
- Allow to benchmark projection performance with
File->Debug->Benchmark Projection
- When using GEGL for the projection, use CIELCH instead of HSV/HSL
for color based layer modes
- Make painting strokes Catmull-Rom Spline interpolated
- Add support for arbitrary affine transforms of brushes
- Add support for brush dynamics to depend on tilt
- Add aspect ratio to brush dynamics
- Add infrastructure to soon support vector layers (GSoC 2006)
- Rearrange legacy layer mode code to increase maintainability
- Drop support for the obsolete GnomeVFS file-uri backend
- Allow to dump keyboard shortcuts with File->Debug->Dump Keyboard
- Prepare data structures for layer groups
- Remove gimprc setting "menu-mnemonics",
"GtkSettings:gtk-enable-mnemonics" shall be used instead
- Remove "transient-docks" gimprc setting, the 'Utility window' hint
and a sane window manager does a better job
- Remove "web-browser" gimprc setting and use gtk_show_uri() instead
- Changed license to (L)GPLv3+
- Use the automake 1.11 feature 'silent build rules' by default
- Lots of bug fixes and cleanup