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This file contains some important hints for translators.
The current status of the GIMP translation can be checked at
Translation of the GNU Image Manipulation Program is handled by the
GNOME Translation Project (see If you want to
help, we suggest that you get in touch with the translation team of
your language (see
GIMP is different
GIMP is a complex application which has a bunch of scripts and
plug-ins that all want to be internationalized. Therefore there is
not one catalog but many. For a full translation of GIMP's UI, you
will have to add translations for the following catalogs:
po/gimp20.po -- the core
po-libgimp/gimp20-libgimp.pot -- the libgimp library
po-plugins/gimp20-std-plugins.pot -- the C plug-ins
po-python/gimp20-python.pot -- the pygimp plug-ins
po-script-fu/gimp20-script-fu.pot -- the script-fu scripts
po-tips/gimp20-tips.pot -- the startup tips
If you are looking for the translations of gimp-perl, please note that
gimp-perl has been moved into it's own git module called
GIMP Tips dialog
In addition to message catalogs GIMP provides a file with tips that
are displayed in the Tips dialog. This file is in XML format and can
be found in the tips directory. The english tips messages are
extracted from so translators can use the usual
tools to create a <lang>.po file that holds the translations. All
translations are then merged into gimp-tips.xml with language
identifiers taken from the po filename.
GIMP needs to know what language it should select from gimp-tips.xml.
Therefore, there's the special message "tips-locale:C" in the main
message catalog that needs to be translated correctly. For a german
translation of the tips this would look like this:
#: ../app/dialogs/tips-parser.c:188
msgid "tips-locale:C"
msgstr "tips-locale:de"
Localization of third-party plug-ins
Third-party plug-ins (plug-ins that are not distributed with GIMP)
can't have their messages in the gimp-std-plugins textdomain. We
have therefore provided a mechanism that allows plug-ins to install
their own message catalogs and tell GIMP to bind to that
textdomain. This is necessary so that GIMP can correctly translate
the menu paths the plug-in registers. Basically the plug-in has to
call gimp_plugin_domain_add() or gimp_domain_plugin_add_with_path()
before it registers any functions. Have a look at the script-fu
plug-in to see how this is done in detail.
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