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flame - cosmic recursive fractal flames
Scott Draves <>

get source code from

images, documentation, and other interfaces (a batch animation
renderer and a low-quality interactive editor) are available from


you are encouraged to exhibit the output of this software publicly as
long as this software is credited as the source of the images.

i also encourage you to let me know what you make with it, what you
dis/like about it, and how it can be improved.


0.12 as of Thu Oct 9
added variation_same. made preview have same aspect ratio as final
image.  included binary in tar file.

0.11 as of Sun Sep 28
patch from Owen Taylor <> gtk_signal_connect_object ->
gtk_signal_connect.  hacked mw routines so i can update my previews.
removed much of mw code that i don't use.

0.10 as of Fri Sep 26
Added "eight directions" edit window.  relayedout other widgets.

0.9 as of Tue Sep 23
reconfigured to use  cleaned warnings out of code.

0.8 as of Thu Sep 18
added, made gimp integration easier.  changed
license.  added some built-in cmaps to the menu.

0.7 as of Sun Sep 14
fixed image leak (thx Marcelo Malheiros).  removed UI to black cmap
(default is now gradient).  added preview of the flame, disabled
randomize mode in favor of a randomize button.  added beginning of
edit dialog, including multi-threaded computation of previews, but
disabled for the release.

0.6 as of Thu Sep 11
added preview of cmap.  added black cmap.  added access to current
gradient, but there is an image leak.

0.5 as of Sat Sep 6
cmaps now come from image menus.  clarified license terms.

0.4 as of Thu Sep 4
added variation menu.  removed text display, added load/store buttons.
fixed alpha blend to be stable (alpha of 0 has no effect) and protect
against overflow.

0.3 as of Tue Sep 2
added alpha channel

0.2 as of Aug 24 1997
real -> double, other header file reorganization.  added new cmaps.
added gimp interface.