MIP based joint inference of copy number and rearrangement state in cancer whole genome sequence data.
R C M4
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(Junction Balance Analysis)

Inferring balanced cancer genome graphs with mixed-integer programming analysis of read depth and junction patterns in WGS data.

Installation (R package)

  1. Install IBM ILOG CPLEX Studio. The software is proprietary, but can be obtained for free under IBM's academic initiative.

  2. Set ${CPLEX_DIR} variable (e.g. in your shell or .bash_profile) to your CPLEX Studio installation. Set/replace the ${CPLEX_INCLUDE_PATH} and ${CPLEX_LIB_PATH} with the corresponding paths to the 'include' and 'lib' directories of your CPLEX installation on your system.

export CPLEX_DIR=/path/to/your/copy/of/CPLEX_Studio/
  1. Install dependent packages and latest Bioconductor (if you haven't already)
  1. Install devtools from CRAN (if you don't have it already)
  1. Install dependent mskilab R packages
  1. Install JaBbA

Installation (jba executable)

  1. (after installing R package) Pull JaBbA git and add pulled directory to PATH
$ git clone git@github:mskilab/JaBbA
$ export PATH="$PATH:$PWD/JaBbA"
  1. test run jba executable on provided data

$ jba JaBbA/inst/extdata/junctions.vcf JaBbA/inst/extdata/coverage.txt 

 _____         ___    _      _____ 
(___  )       (  _`\ ( )    (  _  )
    | |   _ _ | (_) )| |_   | (_) |
 _  | | /'_` )|  _ <'| '_`\ |  _  |
( )_| |( (_| || (_) )| |_) )| | | |
`\___/'`\__,_)(____/'(_,__/'(_) (_)

(Junction     Balance     Analysis)

JaBbA 2018-02-13 21:29:50: Located junction file JaBbA/inst/extdata/junctions.vcf
JaBbA 2018-02-13 21:29:50: Located coverage file JaBbA/inst/extdata/coverage.txt
JaBbA 2018-02-13 21:29:50: Loading packages ...
JaBbA 2018-02-13 21:30:00: Starting analysis in ./jbaout
JaBbA 2018-02-13 21:32:13: Done .. job output in: ./jbaout

Usage (jba executable)

Usage: jba [options] JUNCTIONS COVERAGE
 	JUNCTIONS can be BND-style VCF, bedpe, rds of GRangesList
 	COVERAGE is a .wig, .bw, .bedgraph, .bed., .rds of a GRanges, or .tsv  .csv /.txt  file that is coercible to a GRanges
       (use --field=FIELD argument so specify which column to use if specific meta field of a multi-column table')

	-s SEG, --seg=SEG
		Path to .rds file of GRanges object or .bed file or  .txt / .csv file of intervals corresponding to initial segmentation (optional, will use CBS of coverage to compute if not provided)

	-f FIELD, --field=FIELD
		Name of metadata field or column of coverage file to use for coverage signal from coverage file, may be required if coverage file has several fields

	-t TFIELD, --tfield=TFIELD
		Name of metadata field of a rearrangements GRanges or data.frame that specifies tiers of junctions, where tier 1 is forced to be included, tier 2 is optional, and tier 3 junctions are only used in when --iterate is set

	-i HETS, --hets=HETS
		Path to tab or comma-delimited hets file output of het counts with columns /fields $seqnames, $start, $end, $alt, $ref

	-o OUTDIR, --outdir=OUTDIR
		Directory to dump output into (default JaBbA)

	-k SLACK, --slack=SLACK
		Slack penalty to apply per loose end copy

	-z SUBSAMPLE, --subsample=SUBSAMPLE
		Numeric value between 0 and 1 specifying whether to subsample coverage for intra-segment variance estimation

	-l TILIM, --tilim=TILIM
		Time limit for JaBbA MIP

	-p PLOIDY, --ploidy=PLOIDY
		Ploidy guess

	-q PURITY, --purity=PURITY
		Purity guess

	-c CORES, --cores=CORES
		Number of cores for JaBBa MIP

	-m ITERATE, --iterate=ITERATE
		How many times to iterate through tiers

	-r WINDOW, --window=WINDOW
		Integer window (in bp) to dumpster dive and rescue junctions near loose ends (default 10,000)

	-e EDGENUDGE, --edgenudge=EDGENUDGE
		Edge nudge for optimization, to be multiplied by edge specific confidence score if provided

	-b NSEG, --nseg=NSEG
		Path to .rds file of GRanges object of intervals corresponding or .txt / .tsv / .csv with GRanges fields (seqnames, start, end) specifying copy number for normal tissue, needs to have $cn field

	-x, --strict
		restricting input junctions to only the subset overlapping seg

	-u, --gurobi
		flag to use gurobi (gurobi R package must be installed) instead of default CPLEX (cplex must be installed prior to library installation)

	-w, --overwrite
		Flag whether to overwrite previous directory

	-v, --verbose
		verbose output

	-y, --nudgebalanced
		Manually nudge balanced junctions into the model.

	-h, --help
		Show this help message and exit