A command line for Ethereum, like eth and geth, but written in Scala, with Java/JavaScript integration.
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Beth - A Better Command Line Interface to Ethereum

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Beth is a command-line for Ethereum, like eth and geth, but written in Scala. Beth stands for "Better ETH"; it features auto-completion and colored help information. This project uses EthereumJ.

YouTube Demo

Running the Program

The bin/run Bash script assembles this project into a fat jar and runs it. Sample usage, which runs the Beth entry point in src/main/scala/Beth.scala:

$ bin/run

The -j option forces a rebuild of the fat jar. Use it after modifying the source code.

$ bin/run -j

Published Binary Executables

Yes, this is the plan. Wanna help make it happen? Jump in and submit a pull request!


The bin/rerun script is handy when you want to see the changes made to the running program. Press Control-d to exit the program, and it will automatically be rebuilt with the latest changes and rerun.

Both the bin/run and bin/rerun scripts enable remote debugging on port 5005, which is IntelliJ IDEA's default remote debugging port. The debug setup persists each time rerun relaunches the program.

Sponsorship and Proofs of Concept

To date this project has been sponsored by Micronautics Research Corporation, the company that delivers online Scala training via ScalaCourses.com.

The only way to provide value is to serve customers. We actively seek opportunities to develop blockchain-related prototypes and proofs of concept. We would be happy to present our work and discuss sponsorship opportunities for our open-source libraries. Please contact us to discuss.


This software is published under the Apache 2.0 License.