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MongoDB Geo-Location Toolkit

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  • IMPORTANT - Geoply Requires MongoDB 2.0+
  • ----------------------------------------
  • Geoply is a MongoDB-Based Geo-Location Toolkit
  • Includes 1GB+ DB, MongoBase and gSpot
  • Follow Mark on Twitter for more updates

The Basic Features:

  • 7.9 Million+ Geo-Spatially Indexed MongoDB Places (from 600+ Categories)
  • Out of the box marker clustering and CSS3 customizable InfoWindows
  • A heap of exciting things to come, including OSM, polygons and layers

Advanced and Newly Introduced Features:

  • Ability to have custom icons per marker
  • Use of GeoNames feature_code for icon (8 codes currently supported)
  • Function for checking if icon exists, else show default icon
  • Query from the URL, with current variables including (limit and feature_code)
  • Polygon Queries and Visual Display of Polygons through gSpot

Installation Instructions:

  • Ensure MongoDB and Mongo PHP Drivers Working
  • Extract contents of /db/
  • Stop mongoDB server
  • Add geo.0 - geo.ns files to data/db
  • Restart mongoDB server
  • Visit root index

See it in Action:

Demo at - coming soon: hosting isn't cheap!

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