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Sync Podio content to Google App Engine models
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A webapp request handler for one way syncing from podio apps to a app engine models.

Proof of concept.


  • Clone the git repository
  • Create your app engine models (eg and corresponding Podio apps (via the web)
  • Map your models to a reference name in (see MODEL_FACTORY)
  • Enter your podio credentials and site configuration in (get the urls right)
  • Deploy your app to app engine and activate (make default)
  • Visit: /podiohook/ ie BASE_URL and add new syncs by mapping the reference name of models to app_ids of podio
  • Map the podio fields and you are done
  • Check with the Datastore viewer whether you can add content via podio


  • Double check your credentials
  • Check in podio whether your hooks are set up and verified
  • View the app engine logs for errors
  • Check with the data store viewer whether entities are created


  • This is pre-alpha
  • Only strings and numbers are currently supported
  • Your app engine models needs an IntegerProperty named "item_id"
  • No security evaluation at all
  • The newest httplib2 version is needed
  • pypodio2 was slightly altered

Next steps

  • Add more field types, especially relational & binary stuff
  • Clean up code & put handler in seperate module with all dependencies
  • Think about licensing
  • Create import all podio content method


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