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MSMBuilder: Extensible Software for Building Markov State Models for Biomolecular Conformational Dynamics

Build Status


MSMBuilder 2.0 is now deprecated. New features and bugfixes will not be implemented here. You can find MSMBuilder 3.0 at github.com.


From the command prompt, just type

$ python setup.py install

See the tutorial for more information, including required hardware specs. and dependencies.

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Want to chat with other users and the developers and get help using msmbuilder to analyze your simulations? Sign up for the msmbuilder-user email list at https://mailman.stanford.edu/mailman/listinfo/msmbuilder-user!


Have you found a bug? Do you have an idea for a great new feature, or a gripe about an existing one? Have you written some code that you'd like to contribute to MSMBuilder? Awesome! We'd love to have your contribution!

MSMBuilder is hosted on GitHub. Filing an issue such as a bug report or feature request is easy and will contribute to the future development of MSMBuilder. Contributing code is easy too, just fork the repository and then submit a pull request. A few guidelines on contributing can be found here.