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Codefolio Build Status

Codefolio project is an open source build-your-own folio website & CMS for developers to showcase their skills and work. See the Codefolio + Codefolio API Guide as the first point of reference.

Codefolio & Codefolio API are seperate projects that connect with each other to create your developer folio. Codefolio is the static front-end website & CMS that displays your folio to the public and allows you to manage it's content. Codefolio API is a RESTful API server that performs CRUD operations on data requested by your Codefolio site.



  • npm v3+ & node v4+
  • Codefolio API
  • Modern browser ie. Chrome, FF, Safari, IE10+, iOS, Android

Getting started

  1. Clone this repo with git clone
  2. Open directory
  3. Run npm install
  4. Remove existing git directory with rm -rf .git
  5. Make your own .git with git init


  1. Open the root file config.js
  2. Follow the instructions carefully in the comments of the file

Start dev server

  1. Ensure your local Codefolio API server is configured and running
  2. Run npm run start command
  3. Open browser at http://localhost:3000/

Edit content using the CMS

  1. Create your administrator at http://localhost:3000/register
  2. Login and start editing your folio using the CMS at http://localhost:3000/admin

Build production bundle

  1. Ensure the config.js file has your correct API_PROD_URL
  2. Run npm run build command
  3. Follow the Codefolio + Codefolio API Guide to publish your folio to a production server


  • Feel free to customize the source code to suit your needs
  • View Codefolio Documentation
  • I recommend you install Redux Devtools extension to your browser
  • NOTE: In development environment the admin forms will output React Unknown props warnings in the browser inspector console, they are caused by current stable ReduxForm/React versions. These do not effect the application, can be ignored and will not appear in your production bundle.


Feel free to open an issue or post a pull request


MIT License