Software related to management and processing of OWL WG test cases


Source code in this package is provided under the terms of the GNU
Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3 (see LICENSE.txt).

To run tests with the default test runner (Pellet)

  java com.clarkparsia.owlwg.Harness file:///tmp/my-file-of-tests.owl

To use a specific test runner set the Harness.TestRunner system property

  java \
    -DHarness.TestRunner=com.clarkparsia.owlwg.runner.hermit.HermiTTestRunner \
    com.clarkparsia.owlwg.Harness file:///tmp/my-file-of-tests.owl

The single argument should be a URL for a file containing one or more
test cases described using the vocabulary described in the OWL 2
Test and Conformance document at and
serialized in RDF/XML.  file: and http: URI schemes are supported.

Test cases in this format are available at the OWL 2 Test Case Repository
For each test case, the 'Download OWL' link exports the test case in
the appropriate format and can be used directly.

Batch exports are available at

The output of the program is an OWL ontology, serialized in
Turtle, describing the test run, using the vocabulary described at

It is possible to use the test harness on only a subset of tests in the
input file by using the --filter command line argument.  The argument to
this option is parsed like a stack.  For example the following command
line would run only those tests that support the OWL 2 direct semantics,
are syntactically OWL 2 QL and have either approved or proposed status.

  java \
    --filter "approved proposed or direct ql and" \

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