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a gopher interface for emacs
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gopher.el is an Emacs mode to browse Gopher.

gopher.el screenshot


  • GIF and auto-detected image support.
  • Quick navigation.
  • Gopher search.


M-x gopher launches the Gopher browser, and requests a URL.

To close the browser, use q.

Basic Navigation

Once a site is reached, basic navigation is performed with n and p, for jumping to the next or previous line, respectively. ENTER opens the link at the cursor's position, or passes the following input into a query field.

  • TAB and M-TAB navigate forwards and backwards between directory listing links.

  • [ and ] navigate forwards and backwards between text file links.

  • u navigates to the parent of the current address.

    NOTE: This does not work as expected in all cases, and may cause navigation to non-existant Gopher URLs.


B and F navigate backwards and forwards through the browsing history, respectively.


It includes a function, gopher-open-w3m-url, which you may use to open Gopher links in w3m.


The source code may be forked, and issues may be filed, by visiting gopher.el's repository.


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