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go-carpet - show test coverage for Go source files

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To view the test coverage in the terminal, just run go-carpet.

It works outside of the GOPATH directory. And it works recursively for multiple packages.

With -256colors option, shades of green indicate the level of coverage.

By default skip vendor directories (Godeps,vendor), otherwise use -include-vendor option.

The -mincov option allows you to specify a coverage threshold to limit the files to be displayed.


usage: go-carpet [options] [paths]
    	use more colors on 256-color terminal (indicate the level of coverage)
  -args string
    	pass additional arguments for go test
  -file string
    	comma-separated list of files to test (default: all)
  -func string
    	comma-separated functions list (default: all functions)
    	include vendor directories for show coverage (Godeps, vendor)
  -mincov float
    	coverage threshold of the file to be displayed (in percent) (default 100)
    	only show summary for each file
    	get version

For view coverage in less, use -R option:

go-carpet | less -R


From source:

go install

Download binaries from: releases (OS X/Linux/Windows)

Install from homebrew (OS X):

brew tap msoap/tools
brew install go-carpet
# update:
brew upgrade go-carpet


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