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Important: compatible with DB of v1 (not with v2 or v3).


Generate html files for all unread feed items from

SYNOPSIS [options]
--db-path=...   -- custom path to db files; default is ~/Library/Application Support/Reeder/*@*/
--list          -- show list of feeds
--print         -- print items only to stdout
--print-body    -- print items with body to stdout
--feeds=id1,id2 -- get feeds; default is get all unread feed
--all           -- get all items; default is get unread feeds only
--stared        -- get all stared items
--age=days      -- get items for N days ago
--ua=...        -- custom user-agent for download images
--out-dir=...   -- dir for html files with feed items; default is ./reederapp-feeds/


List unread feeds (with id): --list

List all feeds with stared items: --list --stared

Print unread items: --print

Print unread items for 7 last days: --print --age=7

Create html files for all unread items (one file per feed):

Create html files for all stared items (for last year): --stared --age=365

Create html files for unread some feeds (id 7 and 9): --feeds=7,9


Install dependencies:

sudo cpan Template
sudo cpan Image::ExifTool
sudo cpan Lingua::Translit

Others dependencies already exists in Mac OS X 10.7 - DBI, DBD::SQLite and LWP perl modules.

And install script:

if ~/bin/ exists in your $PATH:

curl "" > ~/bin/
chmod 744 ~/bin/


sudo sh -c 'curl "" > /usr/local/bin/'
sudo sh -c 'chmod 744 /usr/local/bin/'


Sergey Mudrik