16-17 Senior Design - The Hopefuls
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The Hopefuls

Build Status

Mobile - Dev Build Status
Web - Build Status

Team Members:

  • Nathan Dobbins
  • Hardip Gill
  • Gerald Soriano
  • Dylan Walseth
  • Patrick Zawadzki


Learners Permit App
The purpose of this project is to create a mobile and web application for students to record their driving progress hours. Likewise, Parents, instructors, and driving schools associated with that student will have the ability to view their progress. The web and mobile apps primarily do the same thing, but differ slightly based on user types. A student and/or parent will be able to see the student's driving hours, and how they compare to a states requirements on both. They can also link their account to a driving school to let the school see their driving information. A driving instructors will be very similar to the students, but they see their students information. Finally, a school owner will see the same info as an instructor, but on the web app, they have the ability to add or remove driving instructors from their school.

We hope our app works to streamline the independent student driving hour logging process by making it easy to log hours, easy to track what hours are needed, and easy for schools to see progress. We are also hoping that by making this system easier, it will encourage more honest hour tracking, as opposed to students making up their hours right before giving the report to their school.

Branch Naming Convention:

Issue_Number(w for web, m for mobile)-IssueDescription


  • 75w-SettingsPage
  • 66m-Login