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Simple Arduino driver for the AT86RF233 802.15.4 radio module, ported to C++ from RIOT-OS
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Simple Arduino driver for the AT86RF233 802.15.4 radio module

This is a C++ port of the AT86RF233 driver from RIOT-OS

arduino-at86rf233.ino demonstrates the simplest example application -- an Arduino sketch that scans for nearby traffic and prints incoming frames over serial (115200 baud).

Radio Hardware

Designed to be used with ATMEL's AT86RF233 802.15.4 radio, available as a $30USB radio extension board (REB).

Connect the AT86RF233 to the Arduino

In this example, we will be using an Arduino Uno. You are free to use any MCU with a sufficient clock speed, and at least:

  • 1 SPI bus
  • VCC (3.3V) & GND
  • 3 GPIO ouput
  • 1 interruptible GPIO input

Here's the wiring setup. You may find the Uno pinout reference helpful (included below).

Purpose AT86RF233 (REB X-Pro Extension Header) Arduino Uno
Reset 7 8
Interrupt 9 2
Sleep 10 7
CS 15 6
MOSI 16 MOSI (ICSP header)
MISO 17 MISO (ICSP header)
SCK 18 SCK (ICSP header)
Ground 19 GND
Power 20 VCC (3.3V)

Driver Configuration

Without further configuration, this library will use the default AT86RF2xx parameters contained in at86rf2xx-defaults.h. Most radio parameters can be updated manually by using the set/getters enumerated in at86rf2xx-getset.c. For example, to change the radio channel to 25, simply call set_chan(25) on the at86rf2xx device after initialization:

  at86rf2xx.init(SEL, IRQ, SLP_TR, RESET);
  at86rf2xx.set_chan(25); // set channel to 25
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