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A convenient realtime dashboard to keep track of your crypto assets
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Crypto Portfolio Dashboard

A convenient way to track your crypto asset performance in one place.

Just enter the amount of each coin you own, as well as the total amount of fiat you've invested into the markets. The tool will automatically calculate your total effective return in realtime, as well as display information on your portfolio allocation and growth over time.

This utility uses to acquire estimates on each coin's current market price.

Get Started

# Install Meteor
$ curl | sh

# Clone Repo
$ git clone
$ cd crypto-portfolio-dashboard
$ meteor npm install

# Launch the app
$ meteor

# Now the app is serving at http://localhost:3000/

Adding Coins

Simply click the "Add Coin" button. A new coin box will appear.

Next, enter the coin ID in the first text entry field. The coin name must match the id field for the coin according to coinmarketcap's API. Valid IDs can be seen here:

Note: If you enter an invalid coin name (one that isn't recognized by coinmarketcap), portfolio data will not update until it is removed or fixed.

Finally, enter the quantity of that coin which you own.

Changes to coins will be reflected in the portfolio data within 15 minutes.

Setting Investment Level

The "Invested" box is editable. Here, you can enter the amount of fiat you've put into your portfolio total. This is used to determine your portfolio's effective return and performance.

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