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Compute total realtime value of multiple crypto holdings in one place
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Crypto Portfolio Tracker for NodeJS

Fill out your crypto holdings inside holdings.json. The app will then display your total worth in realtime by consulting!

  1. Fill out holdings.json with your portfolio allocation.
  2. $ npm install
  3. $ node index.js


A typical holdings.json file might look like

  "invested": 20035.00,
  "usd": 35,
  "crypto": {
    "ethereum": 2,
    "litecoin": 7,
    "omisego": 10,
    "iota": 20,
    "bitcoin": 1

Here's what each property means:

  • invested is the total number of US dollars you have put into your portfolio. This is the sum total of all money you have used to purchase cryptocurrencies, as well as cash set aside for cryptocurrencies that is currently available.
  • usd is cash set aside for investment but not being used. e.g. if you put $20,035 into GDAX, and bought $20,000 worth of crypto, then usd: 35.
  • crypto is where you enumerate how much of each coin you earn. Acceptable key values are those supported by
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