A no-nonsense QR Code Scanner for Meteor (using jsqrcode)
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Meteor QR Code Scanner

A no-nonsense QR Code Scanner for Meteor

This package uses the getUserMedia stream API to record webcam or front-facing mobile cameras, constantly scanning frames to read and decode QR codes. The entire package is client-side only.

By default, qr-scanner will use the 'environment facing' camera (the main camera for smartphones) and falls back to 'face facing'.

qr-scanner is made possible by jsqrcode.


Install with Meteor.

meteor add hitchcott:qr-scanner

Add the video streaming template to your app.

{{> qrScanner}}

You can access the latest successfully decoded message through the reactive variable message.

Template.myTmpl.qrCode = -> qrScanner.message()

You can also bind a callback to the scan event, which will be fired each time a scan takes place - every 500ms - even if no message is found.

qrScanner.on 'scan', (err, message) ->
  alert(message) if message?

Image Data

At any time you can access image data from the scanner using the following:

  qrScanner.imageData()     # ctx.getImageData()
  qrScanner.imageDataURL()  # canvas.toDataURL("image/jpeg")

Video Quality

You can specify a relatively specific video resolution if you want, but it can become a jumpy on mobile devices. More pixel data is needed to be analyzed with higher resolutions. The default is 640 x 480.

{{> qrScanner w=1024 h=768}}

The default resolution is 320 x 240 px, which works smoothly and effectively on a Galaxy S4.

## Stop Capture

Use the following to stop capturing


## Credits / Licenses