Seamless, reactive template-based modals for Materialize.
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Seamless, reactive and template-based modals for Materialize.

Live Demo

This is a radically modified fork of the very useful meteorstuff:materialize-modal package, started by @pfafman. If you don't want (or need) the full Meteoric event maps or fine-tuned modal control this package offers, you should check it out!

This package seeks to provide the following solutions:

  • Simple execution: Just pass template names, and let Materialize handle the rendering!
  • Full extensibility: Write full, detailed Meteoric event maps to fully control your modals behaviour! No messy callbacks.
  • Convenient configuration: Provides easy-to-use modal body & footer helpers that make it easy to implement great-looking full screen and fixed footer style modals.
  • Robust events: Modal templates have access to all the events contained in the modal, including custom events such as dismissed, which is fired when the user exits a modal by clicking away from it.
  • Natural Materialize integration: Modalize is directly accessible from the Materialize object: Materialize.modalize.display(), Materialize.modalize.close(), etc.


meteor add msolters:modalize


	Materialize.modalize.display( options={} ); // display a modal
	Materialize.modalize.close();	// dismiss current modal


  • template - The template to be rendered as a modal. (Required)
  • title - Modal title. Can have HTML markup. (Optional)
  • dismiss - (bool) false if you want to override the default modal dismissal behaviour. (Optional)
  • fixedFooter - (bool) true if you want to use a fixed footer. Recommended for fullScreen & bottomSheet modals. (Optional)
  • bottomSheet - (bool) If you want a bottom sheet modal. (Optional)
  • fullScreen - (bool) Modal takes up all the full screen. (Optional)


For examples and interactive previews, check out the demo site!


This package depends on and automatically includes the materialize:materialize package.