A native select dropdown for Meteor that allows reactive get/set of the current choice.
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This package allows you to create simple drop downs where the options and the currently selected choice can be reactively get and/or set.

This package is based off this gist by MDG's Tom Coleman. I've simply made it more convenient to get/set the current choice.


To create a dropdown, here's the template code showing all available options:

{{> select id="mySelectID" name="mySelectName" include_blank=true options=selectOptions choice=currentChoice }}

Required Arguments

Note: Only options and value are required parameters. id, name, and include_blank are optional.

  • choice is an object with the following structure:
  text: "3 players",
  value: 3

value will be the value parameter of that <option> in the dropdown, and text will be the readable label. The dropdown will work even if you only pass one of either, text or value. However, it will always return both

  • options is just an array of choices:
        text: "1 players",
        value: 2
        text: "2 players",
        value: 2
        text: "3 players",
        value: 3

Reactive set/get of Current Choice

Here's an example template that shows how one may reactively set or get the current choice in the select dropdown. For simplicity, we'll use a Session var called foobar as our reactive data source!

  • The select template will automatically update the currently selected choice to whatever the value parameter is.
  • Likewise, the value parameter of the select can be used to grab the current choice at any time.

Template HTML:

<template name="foo">
  {{> select id="fooSelect" options=selectOptions choice=foobar}}

Template JS:

# Initialize the current choice as "6 players"
Template.foo.created = ->
  Session.set "foobar", {value: 6, text: "6 players"}

# Reactive Get
#   If the user updates the select, we can grab the new
#   choice by using `this.choice`.
  "change select#fooSelect": (event, template) ->
    Session.set "foobar", @choice

# Reactive Set
  # selectOptions is just a static array of options for this example
  selectOptions: ({text: "#{i} players", value: i} for i in [0..18])

  # The foobar helper allows us to pass the reactive value
  # of the session var into the select's `value` parameter
  # in our HTML above.
  foobar: ->
    Session.get "foobar"