Examples and test cases for Qt on WebAssembly
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Morten Johan Sørvig
Morten Johan Sørvig Prototype IndexDB storage of compiled Wasm modules
Caching compiled modules will not make the initial loads go any faster,
but will speed up subsequent loads since Wasm download and compile can
be skipped.

At least on Firefox, where this works. Chrome gives me "DataCloneError:
Failed to execute 'put' on 'IDBObjectStore': A WebAssembly.Module can not
be serialized for storage", even if "WebAssembly structured cloning support"
is enabled in chrome://flags.
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SensorTagDemo @ 2aaac6e Update SensorTagDemo Jun 28, 2018
colordebugger @ 83a9ce6 Add colordebugger example Oct 6, 2018
core_dynamic Add QtCore dynamic linking example May 22, 2018
emscripten_dynamic Prototype use of emscripten::val in side modules Oct 15, 2018
emscripten_eventloop fixup eventloop May 4, 2018
emscripten_indexdbcache Prototype IndexDB storage of compiled Wasm modules Nov 6, 2018
emscripten_interop Add Javascript <-> C++ interop example Dec 27, 2017
emscripten_localfiles Port loadFile() from EM_ASM too C++ val.h Sep 21, 2018
emscripten_multiscreen Prototype resize/high-dpi handling Jan 4, 2018
emscripten_pthreads Working pthreads example Mar 16, 2018
emscripten_sockets Unix sockets testing Sep 26, 2018
emscripten_startup qtloader.js update Jan 26, 2018
emscripten_wasmeval Reimplement emscripten_run_script() Mar 27, 2018
gui_lifecycle Compile on all platforms Feb 9, 2018
gui_localfiles Add qhtml5file implementation to example Sep 30, 2018
gui_opengl Make it possible to pause the animation Feb 13, 2018
gui_raster Print timer events as well. Feb 9, 2018
html_clipboard Add html5 clipboard test Nov 20, 2017
html_localfiles Local file access prototyping. Apr 20, 2018
mqtt_simpleclient Add MQTT simpleclient over WebSockets example Jun 28, 2018
quick_clocks Add Qt Quick clocks example Feb 5, 2018
quick_controls2_gallery Add Controls2 samples. Feb 9, 2018
quick_controls2_testbench Add Controls2 samples. Feb 9, 2018
quick_hellosquare Add really minimal Qt Quick example May 4, 2018
slate @ 9111431 Update slate submodule to include file load/save Oct 6, 2018
widgets_wiggly Wiggly animation pause Feb 17, 2018
.gitmodules Add colordebugger example Oct 6, 2018
README.MD Update README with example categories. Dec 4, 2017
makedist.py Exclude some more files from dist Apr 23, 2018
qt-webassembly-examples.pro Add colordebugger example Oct 6, 2018
wasmpacker.py WIP: wasmpacker May 16, 2018


Qt WebAssembly Examples

This repository contains examples and test cases for Qt on WebAssenbly.

Qt for WebAssembly makes it possible to run Qt applications on many web browsers, without any special server requirements (other than serving the wasm file). See qt-webassembly-examples for live demos.

QTBUG-63917 contains further information on the Qt for WebAssembly port.

Note on cloning this repository: The gh-pages branch contains the example binaries. Clone with --single-branch to minimize download size.

git clone -b master --single-branch git@github.com:msorvig/qt-webassembly-examples.git

Example Categories:

html_          html behavior test cases (no Qt usage)
emscripten_    emscripten behavior test cases (no Qt usage)
gui_           Qt Gui examples
widgets_       Qt Widgets examples
quick_         Qt Quick examples