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ms's scripts and themes for irssi

These scripts are products of my work for my favorite IRC client, Irssi. If you are new to Irssi, you also may want to read my guide to Irssi and GNU screen.

Also, some scripts listed have comments and documentation listed at the top of the files. Note this documentation.


Sends an auto-reply message to AIM users when they send you messages while you are away. Auto-replies are sent once an hour per nick. There is also an option to notify the user of the length of your awayness. This is done by including (away: 5 minutes and 3 seconds) at the end of the auto-reply.

Incoming HTML from AIM connections will be parsed into readable control codes. Links are also parsed into readable text. An option exists replacing outgoing control codes with appropriate HTML. Read the comments at the top of the file to learn more.

A buddy tracking system for Bitlbee and Irssi. When a contact goes offline, the script displays how long they were online. When the contact returns, the script displays how long they were offline.

Displays when the other party is typing.


Creates an /anames command that will read away information for users in a particular channel and display a /names-like output with the away users grayed out.

No-maintenance, learning, auto-op/auto-voice/auto-halfop, nick mode maintainer.

Provides sane integration of Irssi with Growl and Mumbles, which both support the Growl network protocol. This script uses Net::Growl to deliver notifications of hilights and private messages to multiple targets simultaneously while maintaining privacy.

Changes the msglevel of notices to that used by private messages. This means that the status window will be hilighted like a query when a notice is received.

Run a command (such as a shell script that executes a series of beeps) when you are hilighted. It also has a setting to not run the command when you are away.

Add new tasks to Remember The Milk through Irssi.

Control and get information from Irssi via a Unix socket. This script is not as complete as it could (or should) be, but it allows for external programs to send commands to Irssi easily.



A blueish theme.


A greenish theme.


Scripts for the Irssi IRC client






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