An example of running an Eta program as an AWS Lambda function
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eta-aws-lambda example

This project is a sample of how to build an Eta application that can be run on AWS Lambda.

Getting Etlas

In order to build this project you will need to get etlas installed by following the instructions here.

Once you have etlas installed run the following to initialize the configuration and package repositories.

$ etlas update


In order to build the project so that it can be run as a Lambda you will need to enable "uberjar" mode for etlas. This will ensure that all required dependencies for the application are linked into the jar file.

etlas clean
etlas configure --enable-uberjar-mode

Then in order to build the jar run:

$ etlas build

Create a Lambda Function

Upload the resulting jar file that is placed in ./dist/build/eta-aws-lambda/eta-aws-lambda.jar as a lambda, and for the handler function reference use com.example.LambdaTest::handler.

That's all!